1666% Research

Ottoman player got 1666% researches done.

Maybe that means he can train photomen?

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Replay/summary files (remove .txt)

M_58824262_7cb5922f1f0076d8b506681e65c1a739052083e26a6fa914edb511c4a2baeef2.gz.txt (487.0 KB)
M_58824262_f59de9d938d302e29c849e080d81ed97e5739070c8db6431f4410d3cbd5961da.gz.txt (1.6 MB)

Guess: traders in market landmark???

the entire post game statistics tab has been riddled by bugs since the earlyest alphas, graphs often don’t line up with what was happening ingame, but even more often the values ouside of graphs don’t add up with the graphs