1999 -- MSN Gaming network

hey, who remembers the msn days? im from nz. made alot of friends back then, but have since lost contact. Anyone from aus/nz that played back then? what was your gamer tag? I was _Wizard_Merlin / NiTrOx .

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I started playing in Zone back in 2002. My nickname was wakaroto, and later I changed to wAkKo, till now.

Good times learning the double range skirms meta from Koven :grin:

Hey. Played back in 00-02. Good old times of MFO, TheSheriff, lyncher…

I remember joining like 5 clans at the same time, under different names, like DreaMs, DjiNN, Argo… I was 15 with a bad attitude lol

Funny how the skill is settled in tho. I picked up AoE2:DE after 18 years (never had a Voobly account) and very quickly reached similar ranks (~1700-1800 rating MSZ, 1650-1750 DE).