19th Century Colonial Units

Hello good dear, I post again something here (although this time if you have more chance of being able to do xd) well what I was going to say is that in the game, you can find treasure guardians with colonial uniforms of the nineteenth century, what I had thought was … and why not put them as outlaw units. … or make a colonial campaign with them as protagonists or villains? if you look at it, in the game there are treasure guardians that are outlaws (like gunslingers, renegades and comancheros) I don’t think there could be a disadvantage in putting colonial units as outlaws, no?


I like your idea I had thought about it but without going deeper I can do a mission if you wish

If anyone has a colonial history that matches the outfits of the colonials in the game, I put myself now

hay una peli de los años 1950 llamada las minas del rey Salomón (es ficticia) y creo que en las campañas contra los zulúes (aunque aquí la similitud seria mas que nada el casco salacot)

Now that some units are getting Imperial age skins I wonder if some of those designs could be used for British Imperial Redcoats to depict them as they were in India and Africa.