1v1 Arabia Tournament - 110USD Prize Pool

After the first two successful editions of the Town Bell Cup, we are happy to announce a new edition, this time featuring Gold and Silver Brackets.

WeCompete is a brand new organisation, looking to provide fun and competitive opportunities for online players.

Saturday, October 10 and Sunday, October 11
The first round of the tournament will be held on Saturday, October 10 15:00 CET.

Prize Pool: 110USD

Gold Bracket - 1st place: 50 USD
Gold Bracket - 2nd place: 30 USD
Gold Bracket - 3rd place: 20 USD
Silver Bracket - 1st place: 10 USD

The tournament size is going to be between 128 and 192 players.

The tournament will consist of 2 stages:

  1. Group stage: 32 groups of 4-6 players, double elimination until 2 players remain.

    • The 32 players with the highest ELO will be seeded in different groups. The rest of the seeds will be random. We will use the ELO at the end of Thursday, October 8.
  2. Single elimination stage:

    • Gold bracket: 64 players. 1st place of each group will be matched against the 2nd place of another group.
    • Silver bracket: 32 players. The 3rd place of each group will qualify.

All matches will be Bo1, except the following:

  • Semifinals, 3rd place match and finals of the Gold Bracket, which will be Bo3.
  • Finals of the Silver Bracket, which will be Bo3.

Map pool

Bo1 matches: Arabia

Bo3 matches: Arabia, Cenotes, Four Lakes, Ghost Lake, Golden Pit, Hideout, Migration, Serengeti, Valley

Complete Rules

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