1v1 rank map pool

Closed maps, hybrid maps and just arabia for an agressive play. Getting worse each time.

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At least you don’t have Michi.

I dont have any proof for what I’m saying, but to me it feels like there must be a lot of players voting who dont even play ranked games. And as we see it with this map rotation, this can turn out to be really bad for players who want to competitively.
I would prefer if only players who have an active rank (played a ranked game in the past 28 days) would get the right to vote.

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The same maps are used for Quick Play games, why non-ranked players should not decide witch map they will be playng for the next weeks?

Yes, map pool is very poor and boring, always the same maps, not only in 1 vs 1 but in team games also. For me it isn’t a surprise the players wants a certain type of map, but at least devs could encourage us to play something different putting different maps in pool (there are still a few map picking by devs), ont only Black Forest (and remove finally this shit from pool, please), Arena, Arabia, Nomad.

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You kinda list all kinds of maps and then say it becomes worse each time. I can think of many issues, but i dont know which one you meant to post.

Those 5 players who still play quick play really matters at all. NOT. Quick play is kinda death.

This wont change. These were, these are and these always will be the most popular maps.
BF is only for TGs popular and isnt really frequently in the 1v1 map pool at all.
Nomad isnt even a fixed pick in any map pool.

The maps are getting boring though. We have had the same pool for some time now In qs


Those 5 players paid for the game just like you

+1. Michi is complately braind dead timekiller map.

I think map poll must has 100 maps. Ever player should choose atleast 5 of them and make his own map pool.

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Yes. Give us back the hamburger