1v1 ranked no resources generated for me

I played Prairie on 1v1 ranked. The biome was mediterranean and the map seed was 273f7449. I had no resources generated around me. No gold, no stone, no wood, no straggler trees, not even berries.

Needless to say I was utterly confused and reached Feudal several minutes later than usually and I lost the game. Credits to my opponent on making use of the situation, but it was definitely a tough start.

Sadly, but you’re the victim of a bad random map seed. I’ve just checked with this parameters and indeed the map spawn is very unfair:
Where player 1 has large gold and stone piles very near, player 2 has gold and stone in distance of half map size.
But don’t worry. This can happen also to the best players on nearly every generated standard map. Perhaps try competition maps (mods) in future. These are in general better balanced.

People have been reporting this season 4 bug for Prairie. Several posts on Reddit

We are aware and there should be a fix coming for this one. Thanks, all!