1vs1 ranked map pool issue

It has been 2 weeks now that I’m having a very annoying issue with the 1v1 ranked map pool.
After I select ranked 1vs1 casual map I can see in the pool only these 3 maps: arabia, archipelago and arena.
Where are all the others?
Since this issue appeared also the time I have to wait for the matchmaking system to find me a game is dramatically increased from around 2:00/2:30 minutes to 6:00/6:30. After ending a match and queuing for the next one I often face the same opponent I just played against (it happened two times with people having a much lower ELO than me), something that never happened to me before…
What could I do to solve this?
The game seems to be updated to the last version (101.101.43210.0.0). I don’t have the new DLC.

Weird. Shouldn’t everyone be on Patch 44834 to even enter the game? Regardless of whether you have the DLC

You might be right actually. What should I do to update it?
Is there something in the game to do to force it to look for updates? On the microsoft store it appeares as already updated to the last version and I can do nothing.

I’ve been queued for 20+ min last time, and still nothing…I had to quit the lobby, it’s unplayable right now.

Did you see a number at the top right corner beside the “download” icon (downward arrow)? I guess all updates should be indicated there. I play on Steam though, so I’m not sure.

Microsoft store might be slow they don’t always publish things at the release date of patches, have had delay of over a week before on some other games

You can manually check for updates with microsoft store but you have probably tried that already, if not it is on the … button > downloads and updates > Get updates