2 BUGS Barbarossa Campaign

  • Platform Steam

Issue 1:
Found an invisible walkthrough up to a cliff edge on the south east Saracen territory during the Crusade chapter, which trivialized the fight the bombard canons on top of the cliff. My whole army just ghosted through the mountain.

Issue 2:
During the Jerusalem mission, I successfully reached the Dome on the Rock with the pickle barrel, completed the objective, then was swiftly defeated…even though no damage had been done to the dome, and the barrel made it with 0 damage or conversion.
Playing on standard difficulty, also noticed that unlike in HD, Lionheart totally cleans up Saladin, without any help from me. I thought he was pretty much defeated in the original game?

Reproduction Steps:
Cliff edge: Just target your army at the bombard canons on the cliffside, and watch your army do a magic trick.

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