2 complaints - primarily vulgar user names

1st. Why are so many user names allowed with such vulgar conations such as “weiner” something or other and… w.e. the difference thankfully I can think of all of the impunities atm… let’s set a standard here… no sexual references or other immature bologna I’m pretty sure this is a standard in other AOEs…

2ndly where are the Vikings? or whatever everyone wants to call them haha lets get some axe wielding berserks! please! with long boats and some other civs… the limited repertoire is too few for AOE IV even in the opening months

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:laughing: How old are you? why are you bothered by some random vulgar on the internet?

and most importantly why do you think should the “Authority” to do something about your own feelings?


It seems that you are the kind of person he said. These vulgar words troubled this friend very much. Why can’t he protest? Are you happy to be greeted by strangers in vulgar language in your life? As we grow older, we will continue to be hurt in life. Should we apply these injuries to others? Even if the other party didn’t hurt himself.

I don’t think the devs have much of a say. If it gets by Steam’s code of conduct it will display in game. We don’t create new handles in game.

Maybe not ideal, but not much the devs can do without creating a new and very cumbersome m system to manage player handles.

Sounds to me like a grown-■■■ man who just doesn’t like nonsense in a game where you assume the keeds aren’t running amok. Probably why they gravitate to this instead of something like Fortnite or what-have-you.

No need to insult someone for it.


In europe it’s called “caricature” and it’s a common and pretty much healty things because it remaind to some peaple they are NOT gods but simple human like all of use.
You can be a nationnal hero and at the same time, being responsable of a famine in your country which killed ~40 millions peaple in a couple of years. Just saying.

Does this forum even have mods? This discussion is off-topic and objectively harmful to the decorum of the forum.


Triggered by “weiner”… No words for you, buddy.


If their name was tiny weiner would you find it less offensive?

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First of all if I were a child I might find these sort of names amusing so that’s not the issue. Secondly these words don’t offend me or hurt my feelings at all… sometimes they make me laugh but honestly its just annoying. If user names aren’t censored it wont deter me from playing the game… I just find it annoying to be reminded of peoples insecurities and sexual fantasies every time I start a game. Like what are we in 3rd grade “Hi im Big wiener 137” … “oh heheh hi my name is Long Dong 738” … “oh good one good one let me try I’m Lord long shaft”… I mean I guess if you like thinking about that sort of thing maybe you like these names but personally I’d rather not know that you have to pretend to have a long wang on the internet to make yourself feel better.

Doth my massive horde offend you civlet?


It’s not about liking or disliking those names. Already chat is heavily censored to the point you cant talk with other players, now you want player names to be censored as well. Looks like everything is offensive these days isn’t it? And let’s be serious, those examples you gave are extreme and it’s very rare you’d actually encounter those.


someone with this sort of desktop background would be in to these kind of names i suppose. but you do you pal

I’ve seen atleast 10 to 15 names like this thats why i even mentioned it. but i agree the chat censorship is a little wonky with normal words being blocked

Apparently , user names aren’t considered worthy of censorship

What does “weiner” mean? google told me “wine” but i suppose it’s not the true translate

this discussion has clearly been shrouded in nonsense from the get go… just thought AOEIV could use some decorum and leave the creepy sexual usernames to the weird chat sites but w.e. if people are adamant about referencing their giblets as a name then I clearly cant stop them “Private Parts signing out! HAR HAR HAR”

Decorum comes from how you speak with your opponent during the game not your username. I don’t understand how peepee69420 could be personally offensive to you. It’s not directed at you right? As long as they treat their opponent with respect with GLHF and GG etc.


haha, was googling too. For me the top hit is “Lawrence Weiner”, an american conceptual artist who died two days ago.

If you still want to know what it means, search for “weiner urban dictionary”, for example.

Yes let’s censor not just chat but usernames too.

Someone being childish like that on a game is really triggering you? Guess i’m too old to be feeling this woke ■■■■.

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OP is either extremely insecure or quite a good troll