2 Easy Questions: about seeing other Players' Diplomacy Toward You & Fixing the "Celtic League" Scenario

First, in AOE1 and AOE2, in the Diplomacy menu, next to each Player’s name, it lists the stance that those Players take toward you. But I don’t see that in the Diplomacy menu in AOM (I have the CD version). I do see that I can click a button in AOM that sets my stance toward other players to be Allied or Enemied.

For instance, in the scenario Celtic League in the AOM HG Database, I conquer an enemy village’s building and then, as I understand it, that village chooses to ally with me. I notice that my new ally’s name is in a less bold font, but nothing else is different in the Diplomacy menu. Is there a way to see the other Players’ Stances toward me?

Second, this brings me to the “Celtic League” Scenario, which in general is a nice little one. The number 1 problem is that on one hand your goal in the Editor’s Triggers menu is to Defeat the red Roman Player, but on the other hand, that Player has an Agamemnon hero unit. The red Player doesn’t surrender even when all the units are killed and the buildings are destroyed. I guess that this is because the Agamemnon hero always has at least 1 HP even when he is knocked out and lying on the ground.

I thought that one way to fix this would be to change the trigger condition from “Defeat Player 4” to “Kill all units and buildings” of Player 4. However, I think that this might not work either, because maybe Agamemnon could never be counted as “killed” when he has 1 HP left.

Another option that came to mind is to keep the “Defeat Player 4” trigger condition but switch Agamemnon to a new Player, like by making a Player 5, and just have him stand at his ally Player 4’s base where he would if he was under Player 4’s command.

What do you think is the best way to fix this while altering the scenario and its concept as little as possible?

I have fixed the Victory Condition problem in the Celtic League Scenario, but I still don’t know about the Diplomacy stance issue that I mentioned in my first message above.