2 new civs? native north americans come!


Monk and Cavalry civ:

town center doesn’t cost stone but It costs 325 wood (or 300 wood) they also can repaired with only wood.

eco bonus: start with +75 wood, fisher and hunter villagers %5 faster, fishing ships +5 hp and creation speed +%5 faster.

military bonus:monks have +%5 speed, cav archers have +5 hp, lancers have +1 attack , herbal medicine costs 150 gold (or 100 gold)

unique units: shaman(mounted monk), canoe(warships), Apache(cav. archer, weak vs skirmishers, good vs siege weapons like kipchak)

unique techs: mustang(mounted units have +%10 faster), totem(shaman and monks have +10 hp and +3/+3 armor)

unique buildings: no stone buildings: no stone wall- no castle- no tower. Add new buildings: wooden fortress instead of castle(name is Yurt)(cost: 2500 wood or 2000 wood, 3000 hp +6/+6 armor Yurts can create apache and treb) wooden tower(cost: 200 wood 800 hp +6/+6 armor) town center doesn’t cost stone but It costs 325 wood (or 300 wood) they also can repaired with only wood.

unique tricks:(I’m not sure It can be possible with game mod): they can access gunpowder techs after imperial age with converted enemy’s university so Yurts can create petards, docks can make demoships but still no canon galleys

converted stables can be created mounted hand canonner named’’ cheyenne warrior’’ (like aztecs’ Xolotl Warrior) at imperial age (requires converted enemy’s university and research chemistry at imperial age)

converted archery ranges can be created hand canonner at imperial age(requires converted enemy’s university and research chemistry at imperial age)

tech tree military: no gunpowder techs(chemistry, petard(access after imperial age), demoship(access after imperial age), canon, hand canonner, canon galley, no galley- no fireships only canoe

stable-barrack:+ camels-knight line(-), scout lines(+) without winged hussar, elite lancers(+) husbandry(+), bloodlines(+), champion tech(-), supplies(+),arson(+)squires(+)

archery-siege workshop:arbalest(-), thumb ring(+), parthian tech(+), siege ram(-),onager(-),heavy scorpion(-),bombard canon(-)

monastery:atonement(-), heresy(-), faith(-)

dock:gillnets(+), careening(+), dry dock(+)

blacksmith:plate barding(-) plate mail(-) rest is (+)

eco: crop rotation(-),all stone eco ups(-) rest(+)

team bonus: ally market and town centers can be visible at dark age(they used ‘‘fog’’ as communicaton :wink:


Lonely hermit should be eskimos


town center doesn’t cost stone but It costs 325 wood (or 300 wood) they also can repaired with only wood.

naval and infantry civ:

eco bonus: start with +50 food(or +25 food or no bonus), start with a reindeer(new clickable deer, 150 food), fishers-hunters %10 faster, trade cogs +10% move speed

military bonus: infantries +1 attack(start in feudal age)

unique units: alaskan husky (costs: 70 wood 55 gold, 100 hp,5 attack, 4 range)(a man used dog sledding with 2-4 dogs) cav archer-cavalry can be use sword and arrows like ratha), hunting wolfs can be created at barracks after feudal age costs:100 food

unique techs: yupik(alaskan huskies can move +%10 faster), orca(canoes gets +15 hp and +1/+2 armor)

unique buildings: no stone buildings: no stone wall- no castle- no tower. Add new buildings: ice or wooden fortress instead of castle(name is Iglo)(cost: 2500 wood or 2000 wood, 3000 hp +6/+6 armor Iglos can create alaskan huskies and trebs) wooden tower(cost: 200 wood 800 hp +6/+6 armor) town center doesn’t cost stone but It costs 325 wood (or 300 wood) they also can repaired with only wood.

tech tree military: no gunpowder techs(chemistry, petard(-), demoship(-), canon, hand canonner, canon galley), no galley- no fireships only canoe

stable-barrack: stable(-), supplies(+),arson(+)squires(+),champion(+),halb(+)

archery-siege workshop:arbalest(-), thumb ring(+), cav archers(-), siege ram(-),onager(-),heavy scorpion(-),bombard canon(-)

monastery: redemption(-), atonement(-), heresy(-), theocracy(-),faith(-), illumination(-),block printing(-),fervor(-)

dock:gillnets(+), careening(+), dry dock(+)

blacksmith:plate barding(-) plate mail(-) rest is (+)

eco:trade carts looks like alaskan husky-dog sleedding, crop rotation(-),all stone eco ups(-),gold shaft mining(-),two-man saw(-) rest(+)

team bonus: fishing ships works +%5 faster or Hunting Wolfs can create at ally’s barracks.


I’d love to have more American civs.
Don’t think either of these are a good fit for AoE2 though, especially Cherokees (with UUs based on Plains natives, no less).

These bonuses are just way underpowered. I don’t mind the idea of a bunch of small bonuses, but even all these don’t seem to add up to much.
Stuff like a wooden castle-type for some NA civs is viable, but I think Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) or Mississippians are much stronger contenders as the host civs.

Some of the Inuit ideas are interesting, like having reindeer that act as controllable deer, and hunting wolves, but ice fortresses and/or giant Igloos that train trebs…I’ll leave that as the domain of silly event mods. But definitely adding some Inuit or other NE coast editor units to make more convincing Skraelings would be excellent, and could at least be used as a partial basis to create some type of Inuit civ for scenarios.


Honestly, Treb is not for all native american civs such as inca, aztec, mayans They didn’t use them at wars so I’m not sure train trebs from wooden fortress or ice iglos but every civs have trebs too. If we don’t make it, It’s so low powered cuz treb has 16 range and cut the trees.otherwise, fishers and fishing ship bonuses can be boosted. (%10 faster etc…)

What will the wonder buildings be for these? A big tupee and igloo?


Four early game food bonuses? And all are essentially duplicates of other civs?

Inuit/eskimo’s/American-Russian polar peoples are a lot like Polynesians to me: as distinct as they are and as impressive as their spread looks on a map, even today the total population of Inuit and Yupik together is less than 200,000* individuals. Maybe you can juuuust breach that number by including Aleut. And sure, they suffered the same smallpox, pest and a little bit of genocide armageddon that other native American peoples suffered, but unlike other peoples and tribes their historic numbers might not have been that huge either. They do live in a few pretty barren places after all. Even best case scenario we can base their population on the Sámi of Northern Scandinavia, of which there are about 100,000 today. The Inuit live in a much bigger area, but even then we get overall estimates that have trouble competing with some historic cities. I’m just not sure if there’s enough there to work into an empire. @Mahazona somewhat cheeckily put it as: what would be their wonder? I don’t mind an exaggerated or made up wonder, but I would mind too much of an overall made up civ.

*For comparisson, the Malay umbrella-ish civ represents easily over 1000 times that in present day numbers, and even modern Sicily has a population of about 5 million. I’ve personally lived in two different cities that have more people than the overall Inuit-Yupik population, and neither was a real big city even on a European level.

The Cherokee had neither horses nor gunpowder weapons during the game’s time frame. I also don’t think the Inuit fit into AoE2 at all.

More suitable North American civilizations would be Iroquois, Algonquins (Cree), Cherokee, Mississippians, Hohokam, Mogollon, Anasazi (Puebloans) and Navajo.


Think in big wise. History didn’t start at 1500’s If we look at history, all native americans were %20 of whole world population before 1500’s which are spanish conquistadors didn’t come america. Then they lost their population about pox virus, wars, genocide etc. Tenochtitlan which is the aztecs’ empire’s capital city, They had more population than Istanbul, Paris or Venice at 1500’s. In Today, World have very few aztec, inca, mayans population like native north americans. If in your vision, we don’t need those civs such as aztecs, inca, mayans in these days too. Yes of course, they had nomad culture like east huns or mongols. So no big buildings or whatelse. They invaded very big areas’ their hinterland went to east siberia to north america.

Eskimos-inuits-yupiks fought aganist celts(before the chris to 700-800’s, vikings(vinlandsaga-700’s), east huns(BC to 700’s), mongols(BC to 700’s) and turkic tribes.(BC to 700’s), britons-english(after 1500’s), franks(after 1500’s), slavic tribes(after 1500s) and russians(after 1700’s) So, they had different and many more campaigns scenarios. We can change inuits’ name to ‘‘eskimos’’ too cuz It’s a big title of other north american-siberians civs.

The north american indians fought in their civ wars before 1500’s then they fought against europeans such as brits, franks, burgundians/netherlanders, spanish, celts-scottish

on the other hand, we can talk the bonuses. I thought they are early growing civs so they need to be powerful at dark,feudal age then a bit weak at castle age and worst in imperial like in history. They didn’t have galleys, fire ships, gun powders, stone buildings and bad siege workshops so they need some balance at early age.

A teepee would make more sense than a giant hairpiece.

That said we should shame the awful ideas the thread presents until it goes away so we can get back to non meme ideas.


Maybe it could be something like a sacred site with totem poles and such?

I don’t know if that was actually a Cherokee thing, though.

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Eskimos-Inuits ate big whales, orcas wore animal furs and used animal horns. It shouldn’t be only big buiidings, churchies, castles or fortress so Maybe It might be a big fish market and a whale skeloton(half corpse/half skeloton maybe??) located at center of market, market has decorated sable furs, big reindeer horns etc… I’m not graphic master but just imagine…

and… yeah big, coloured and wooden Totem poles w/ sacred site should be good for north american indians.

what would these civs do with the stone that’s on the map? just mine it and sell it at the market? I think they should still have some way of spending stone… maybe their UU is a siege unit that costs some stone

ahh I forgot to add it, they don’t need stone for town centers too. They can send stone to ally or sell. they don’t have stone mining upgrades too. their UU or siege units costs some stone hmm sounds good !

Tarascans are definitely better option for AoE 2 than Inuit or Cherokee.

Chimu, Muisca and Tarascans civs - pre-Columbian America DLC

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yeah nice idea! but We don’t have any north american civs. Aztecs, incas, mayans already got the mezo american civs or pre columbian. They can be aded 3th civ of DLC (Tarascans, eskimos-inuits, cherokees)

I’ve added trade cog bonus for Inuits/Eskimos maybe start without food bonus or only +25 food please read first message of topic.

Meso America is a Northern American region :wink:

come on you kill me … :wink:

Mongolian wonder is just a yurt

Except for Vikings, I’ll just say

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Sure but the guy inside it made the biggest land empire in the world and conquered actual civilizations.