2 structures on same keybinding

So with the release of the Donjons, I feel they are quite similar to Krepost where they are defensive buildings that can train their unique units, and I want to bind them to the same keys, since you would never end up owning both buildings at the same time in normal gameplay.

But it seems that is not possible, which is a big disappointment really. It becomes annoying when I have to remember more and more keybindings for all the different buildings, especially if you add more new buildings unique to a civ, and you can’t bind it to the same key as the unique building for another civ.

So I suggest making this possible for these kinds of buildings where you most probably won’t get a scenario where you own both buildings at the same time.


Yes, I agree (20 char)

It is possible to bind on the same letter. I did it as well.

who gave you the idea that it isn’t?

There is an issue with the hot key “select all Donjons”. It doesn’t work if you have the same letter for “Select all Kreposts”

My issue is what Martinurello mentioned. I think that “Select all Krepost” and “Select all Donjons” should be able to be bound to the same key, since they are quite similar in that they are a thing between a castle and a tower which can create that civs unique unit, and you won’t get a situation in normal gameplay where you ever own both at the same time.

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Yeah but I am able to bind it. I bound it and it is working correctly for me.

Good for you, not to me. It has to be fix it I think