2 suggestions

1.Switch the two types of infantry in the Ottoman barracks, with the Azab soldiers in front and the Sudanese soldiers behind.
2.Britain、Sweden、Germany:Priests replaced by pastors.

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Petite question, je connais peu l’histoire britannique, mais est ce que les Anglicans sont considéré comme des protestants ?

Yes, Anglicans are Protestants too. They share a lot of church culture with the Roman Catholics, but their theology is Protestant.

Petite question, je connais peu l’histoire britannique, mais est ce que les Anglicans sont considéré comme des protestants ?

Yes, they would. British priests would also normally be called ‘Vicars’ or ‘Rectors’.

To be honest, Priest is still the best term as it covers all Euro civs. I don’t think there’s any need to have give specific priest names.


Je vous remercie pour vos réponses :slight_smile:


In the case of Germans civ, this is problematic, because while the North Germans were almost mostly Protestants, the South Germans (mainly Bavarians and Austrians) remained Catholic. In addition, if you consider that Germans civ include all German states, they also represent countries under the rule of the Habsburgs - Hungary, Bohemia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, etc.

The solution could be to rework Germans civ and add State Age Up mechanics instead of Politicians - then the Pastor could be assigned to Protestant states and the Priest to Catholic states.

For the decade + that AoE3 has existed, Priests really have not needed to be changed.


Calling a Pastor a Priest isn’t inaccurate so I don’t see why they’d need to be different units.

The most problematic civ in this regard is the USA. It’s a country founded by religious extremists and had hugely influential religious movements like the great awakening yet it only has Surgeons and not a religious healer.

USA should have a unique Preacher/Reverend healer unit at their Church. Maybe it could have the conversion ability as a unique feature. Some European civs like British could have cards to replace their Priests with Reverends.


I guess USA civ design thought it was supposed to be laic civ xDDD

US healers should cost 1000 coin

Et la mutuelle rembourse combien ? :o

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  1. The Peruvian Guard can now be trained from Barracks, Fortresses, and Galleons.
  2. More skins for the original revolutions.

These are my two suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Individual homecities for revolutions


I think the surgeons as opposed to priests are a reference to the “priesthood of all believers” doctrine that a lot of these groups have. I’m Quaker so I might be bias but it seems like partial reason for the church being a meeting house is Quakerism (along with early colonial government, the old north church, and other dissenter groups). For Liberal Quakers today and most Quakers at the time there is no priest and the most they’ll have is an elected leader that serves more of a managment role without any spiritual authority over the other members of the meeting. The surgeons also play double duty in representing the secualr ideals that had a lot of influence in the creation of the government. It’s worth noting as well that Quakers and similar groups were very often battlefield medics during war-time because of their strcit pacifism.

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I get what they’re doing, it just seems dumb and/or disingenuous. I think they’re mainly trying to overemphasize the USA as a secular nation by focusing on the deism of a few of the founding fathers and playing up how there was freedom of religion compared to the oppressive state churches back in Europe. It could also be a reference to Quakers as you say, but they’re such a tiny minority that it would be an odd thing to focus on.

In reality, the USA is an extremely religious society. It was founded by religious extremists like the Puritans, had significant religious revival movements like the Great Awakening, and even founded brand new religions like Mormonism. There is more diversity of faiths compared to Europe where religion was often imposed on people, but there are still significant and uniquely American denominations that they could draw from. Denominations like Baptists, Methodists, and Pentecostals trace their origins back to Britain or earlier movements but have a much stronger presence in America than elsewhere.

It would be a lot more accurate and interesting to give them a unique religious healer like a Reverend that represents the denominations that make the religious makeup of the USA unique. The unique Meeting House and default access to Surgeons also still alludes to Quakers, but also giving them Reverands avoids the silly portrayal of early modern America as a post-religious state.

With customization???

I might even pay for it!


I would really like individual homecities. Only some customizations paid, like Explorers.
However, if the devs don’t like the idea, most LatAm revs should have homecities that look like more like Ciudad de México than what they currently have

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DId some more research. It’s only wikipedia so sources may need checked but you get the idea. It seems like priesthood of all believers as a protestant doctrine was pretty important to American history. I can’t say for sure it’s what they were going with by cutting priests but it’s certainly my headcanon.

Priesthood of all believers - Wikipedia.