2 updates for the perfect AOE2


If peasant when they go to a mill create automaticaly a farm around it, we will all won a lot of time. New player and good player will use that.
To do it:

  • when a peasant go to a mill or it’s finish to build :
  • Go to bush or fish or available farm
  • if not and a button activate in the mill
    • Build a farm who follow a kind of snail patern around the mill

Display the lost hp in the color of the player:
when we are a new player or a quite good we don’t know exactly how many attack each unit against others. There is hundred of hide bonus who make the game great but we need to know them.
And in the game sitting we will have 3 possibilities:

  • nothing is display as actual
  • attack of our unit are display
  • all attack are display

This little improvment could make the game better. Since 2000 I play AOE2 (age of kings, conqueror, forgotten…) and I have create some tower defense game for phone. Inspirate of AOE2.
Please make this update. If you have any doubt about this update, ask to Bert what he think about it

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Hello! :slight_smile:

The main issue here is that in order to get better at the game, you have to know how to keep your resources consistently coming in, but also use almost all of them as they come in. Having too many resources is something we call ‘floating’ them and it’s not usually a good thing, because it means that your economy is not as efficient as possible. With a system like this, it’s actually harder to learn this skill.

The only issue I have here is the visual clutter. I think it would make for a very good mod for newer players if it could be done properly!

I totally agree, but if it will be well code it could be great. For example: if you only display texts when there is less than 5 attacks per second display on the screen. It won’t be a mess.

This is already possible by queue commanding the vil to a farm after the mill is done.

I would like attack numbers a lot too.

You could tell them to do so immediately

(??) But that’s exactly what it does.

I am talking about build automatically farm fundations

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And what I’m saying is that you can actually do it as the game is right now.

No, I suggest learn to do routine things yourself. Automation for farm reseeding was really necessary and they only added that

It’s make 15 years I play aoe2 and it’s not fun to place farm fundation