2 Versions 1 Game, killing it all

Release a game and publish TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS TO COMPLET KILL CROSSPLAY?! Source (https://www.ageofempires.com/news/aoe2de-update-32911/) So MS and Steam are not allowed to crossplay… thats not even unfair it’s totaly punishing me. 1 VERSION OR NO VERSION! Why such complicated

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They made it clear in their wording that the store version is soon gonna get the build so people can crossplay. Idk why make so much of a fuzz abt it.

Idk the tecnical reasons for them to do that but we will get it eventually for sure.

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No, it is absolutely something to be making so much fuzz about! I am currently at a LAN party. We have been waiting for ages (pun intended) to play the game and what do I get… I am sitting and watching how everyone plays because I have the luxury of having the game from Windows Store - the GUYS WHO ACTUALLY OWN THE GAME, who DO NOT HAVE THE LATEST PATCH FOR IT!!! This is absurd!


The way he worded it sounded like they weren’t going to add crossplay, that’s why I said it was an exageration.
Ik it sucks for now, but it’s not like this won’t get fixed soon.
(also having the steam version also counts as actually owning the game)

I meant that it is a Microsoft game (essentially) and they do not have the latest version on their own platform :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s weird tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I assume they had to throw a quick fix for the steam version and then it ended up getting some extra feature compared to the MS one.
I hope they fix this situation soon so people can play without problems.

I read that too. AFTER i tried to play with a friend.

You got it on point.