20 new achievements on steam! Woohoo!

HYPE !!! It’s coming!!


HYPE!!! 20 new achievements! Either means there are 2 civs or they are adding achievements for the USA (probably 2 civs).


I hope we get two civs


The patch notes have only ever said a new civilization, not new civilizations so I doubt we’d get Italy and a totally new one. But maybe they’re doing something like splitting Germany into Prussia and Austria so they’re not technically “new”. Prussia would be the obvious pairing with Italy since German unification was going on at the same time as Italian unification.


I hope for Germans civ changing (to Holy Roman Empire civ) with added Italians civ.

Perfectly pair to Italians civ is Austria-Hungary civ and Prussians civ. Napoleonic Era DLC :pleading_face:


7 Historical Battles:

  1. Battle of Vienna (1683) - Austria-Hungary ally with Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth vs. Ottomans
  2. Battle of Hohenfriedberg (1745) - Prussians vs. Austria-Hungary
  3. Battle of Lepanto (1571) - Italians ally with Spanish vs. Ottomans
  4. Battle of Austerlitz (1805) - French vs Austrians and Russians
  5. Battle of Sedan (1870) - Prussians vs French
  6. Battle of Waterloo (1815) - British ally with Dutch vs. French
  7. Sacco di Roma (1527) - Italians vs Holy Roman Empire and Spanish

I think that would be a great preview of the upcoming DLC ​​adding the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth civ.