20 SUGGESTIONS for AoE4 (QoL, Mechanics, etc)

Quality of Life Suggestions

-Add game speed options
Just that. I don’t understand why the base game comes with so few options in custom games.

-Remember last Custom Game configuration (PLEASE)
Sometimes you create a game and forget to activate an option, or you make a mistake and have to recreate the game, it would make it much easier for the game to remember the last configuration

-Improve sheep clicking near town center
The game has a strange interaction in some town centers of some civilizations, I’m not sure if it has to do with the bounding box, but it would be useful to adjust that

-Random Map pick option in Custom Games

-Random Biome pick option in Custom Games

-Ranged units don’t priorize buildings with “A” move command
I understand that it works equally for all units, but in the specific case of ranged units, it is a problem, since 75% of the time they will be left shooting at the first house they come across, or any random building they come across along the way, while the melee units will continue their path towards other enemy units. Maybe it’s not a matter of priority, but of adjusting the radio in which ranged units search for the nearest enemy units.

-Waypoints shown on minimap:
At the moment, the mini map does not show waypoints for buildings, so to know where a waypoint goes, you have to follow it on the main screen, or remember it

-Retreat” option / formation

-Minimap filters: “Show military / Show Economics / Show Resources”
This would be very useful in the late game where there are many units on the mini map, and especially in team games. Having the ability to see, for example, only military units in the late game could be very useful.

-Being able to Shift+Click with sheep on buildings

Single Player Content

-Co-op in custom games

-Co-op Campaigns

Mechanics Suggestions

-Vision camps:
I think it would be nice to have more mechanics regarding the map, the vision camps would be “passive” advantages that you could fight for, they are not as important as the Sacred Sites, but it would be a good initiative to be active on the map.

-New terrain mechanics
For example, mud: Units move x% slower.
Mud would be an interesting mechanic to add options when moving your armies, either to retreat or to push enemy units in. Maybe small patches to keep it balanced.

-Aqueducts do not burn or burn less time, then stops (considering they have water inside)

-New animals, maybe new mechanics with them, similar to cows, or maybe just skins (lions, tigers, rhinos, elephants, etc)

-Tunning Archers Palisades
Archer palisades should last, for example, 3-5 seconds on the battlefield after the archers have moved away. Probably in order not to abuse them, add a cost, similar to what men-at-arms have with their bonfires.
This could serve to cut off cavalry for a short period of time, and having a cost (of wood), the idea would be to use it on occasions where you are really at a disadvantage and likely to lose all your archers.


+1 for minimap filters.

I find some of the other things, such as mud or ranged not attacking buildings too game changing. Think that the mud would make mangonels very OP in that situation, making these chokepoints literally impossible to cross. And the rangeds don’t attacking buildings would make too easy for a player just to send hordes of archers from corner to corner and kill all the villagers in the middle.