2020 Coronavirus Preparedness Mod

Prepare your civilization for the coronavirus pandemic as stockpiles of toilet paper and hand sanitizer around the world run out.

Mod changes:

  • All villager mining graphics replaced with “prepper” graphics.
  • Gold mines replaced with toilet paper stockpiles.
  • Stone mines replaced with hand sanitizer stockpiles.
  • All Town Centers contain some supplies.

Enjoy! And please share.


hm… Interesting and funny as well :laughing:

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Gold is replaced with :roll_of_toilet_paper: but gold units are not using it?

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Well, I wasn’t sure if I should actually change the resource entirely or just the mines. I thought it might make it confusing for players to replace the resource. So instead, the toilet paper is worth its weight in gold.

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How did you add the shopping cart to the villager graphic? Did you edit every single frame with photoshop?

No, that would take forever with each SMX having between 480-960 frames. I used my FX Editor tool in my app to automatically draw the shopping carts using a custom FX (as a SLX file). Basically, it merged the two graphics together and layered them according to my specifications. The only frames I had to edit manually were the “gathering” animations to cut out all the fruit/berry baskets.

When I have time to do tutorials, I’ll demonstrate how I did it.

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I would really appreciate a tutorial!

There are so many functions in SLX studio which I just don’t know how to use properly.

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Looks funny,

Nice addition would be the trade cart i think.

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Why not put a pink object as a custom FX anchored over the basket?

It wouldn’t be precise enough since it would block parts of the villagers. Anyway, I got the work done so any future ideas I have for stuff like this will be easier to do.

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Hi Tevious, the possibilities for trade carts to no carry trade goods like carpets, sacks of wheat and other goods are opened up if what you have done can be replicated. I’m most intrigued.

Happy Lunar year. :))