24h hours until Rome Returns!

According to the Steam Page there are 24 hours left until the release of Return of Rome



Rome was not built in 24 hours



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I’m looking forward to it!

Franks once again escape the nerf hammer. Several carthages of salt are to be expected.


Wow, the new modding possibilities are sick!

  • Formation Category (0: not using formation, 1: mobile, 2: body, 3: ranged, 4: long ranged, 5: protected).

Excellent, set 3 (archer-tier) for the centurion to be behind legionaries.


They are fixing a lot of legacy issues in the code
Maybe they will add some cool mechanics for the later updates/DLC


Apparently the 5% faster building says otherwise.

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If the Romans manage to build Rome in 1 day, that means anyone else could have built Rome in… 1 day 1 hour 15 minutes and 36 seconds.

That still feels like a tight deadline.


Well, the Spanish could do it even faster, so try that on for size.

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Depends on what buildings it’s built out of, some civilisations built some things faster.
Also Berber Villages walk faster so they would have a small advantage here.

I’m SOOOO glad the Trade Carts use correct sound effects now! That was something that bugged me a whole lot, and it was clearly an oversight. Wonder if they’ll ever fix the Arab Trade Cart’s player color being very clearly untextured.

They announced three things, X-box, Rome, and Mythology.

We’re done to only one left to wait for.

I wonder what else will be announced? Or will they take a break for awhile?

AoM4 could be pretty far away so there would be enough time for DLCs for any of the 4 games!

The Spanish could do in 24 hours what a typical civ could do in 1 day 7 hours and 12 minutes. For wonders it’s 1d 4h and 48 min.

A Dynasties of India - like DLC will be announced this year for sure. At least they had that on their roadmap.

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Yep, smells like a civ split againe. china split incoming.

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Not a split, China has a massive Han core, contrary to India. The Chinese will remain the Chinese, but civs on the periphery (Jurchens Tanguts Khitais…) could be added, while currently they’d have used either the Chinese or a neighbouring civ as a placeholder.


I bet Siamese, Jurchen and Tibetans for a East Asian DLC