25 year anniversary of AOE in October

Please patch the game in commemoration/give us DLC.


Totally agree with you. AoE1: DE definitely needs DLC and that DLC can most certainly focus on the Indus Valley civilization with four new civs from South and Southeast Asia being added.

  • Arabian Peninsula DLC - Israelites and Nabataeans (Arabs)
  • Africa DLC - Nubians, Lybians, Berbers (Numidians)
  • Asia DLC - Indians (Mauryans), Mongols (Xionghu) and Funan (Southeast Asian Empire)
  • Central Asia DLC - Armenians, Scythians and Huns
  • Europe DLC - Celts, Germanians and Slavs
  • Free update civs - Iberians and Dacians

This is a good idea and would breathe life back to the game. But even better would be a patch between now and then too :slight_smile:


Yeah, we definitely need a new patch to fix bugs that still remain in the game and that new patch can also still be adding certain new features like having units, buildings, and technologies that aren’t available to research or create be displayed with a darkened icon in the command panel (This feature can be enabled or disabled in the game settings), adding the Soundtrack Playlist option to the game, and adding in the new game mode, Empire Wars.


In the DLC that focuses on the Indus Valley civilization, I do also expect new units (including animals) and technologies to be added, examples include the following:

  • Improved Slinger (Upgrade of the Slinger. Available in the Bronze Age)
  • Armored Camel Rider (Upgrade of the Camel Rider. Available in the Iron Age)
  • Helepolis (A Siege unit that happens to be a moving tower. Available in the Iron Age. The current unit that is called ‘Helepolis’ would be renamed in order to add a proper Helepolis. Perhaps it can be renamed to ‘Improved Ballista’)
  • Trade Caraven (Trade unit for land. Available in the Bronze Age)
  • Ibex (huntable animal that doesn’t attack)
  • Tiger (predatory animal)
  • Rhinoceros (huntable animal that does attack)
  • Writing removed (Lookouts would take its slot). The ability to see Allies’ LOS is enabled once the Government Center is built
  • Weaver (Technology that gives villagers +15 HP. Available in the Tool Age and is researchable at the Market)
  • Zealotry gives +25 HP instead of +40 HP to compensate for Weaver Technology
  • Lookouts (Technology that gives buildings +2 LOS. Available in the Bronze Age and is researchable at the Government Center)
  • Arrowslits (Slightly increase attack points of all towers except for the Ballista Tower. Available in the Iron Age. What should be known is that the invention of Arrowslits traces back to antiquity, the timeframe of AoE1. So, adding in a technology called ‘Arrowslits’ to AoE1 is rather accurate)

There Will be not Patches for Aoe1de because the ancient Times Will probably be the next setting for AOE5.

Actually, new patches will definitely still be a thing because updates will still be released once in a while to fix bugs.

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Cordial Saludo

Considero que deberĂ­an sacar un paquete de civilizaciones y unidades Ășnicas para la edad de hierro. Por ejemplo, civilizaciones como los bretones, los visigodos o los galos se adaptan muy bien al videojuego.

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Well that might take 3-5 years before that happens and not to mention, if AoE5 is set in ancient times, it will still be different than AoE1DE.


Arrowslit - Wikipedia Or it should be bronze age tech.
I would suggest:

Watch tower +1 damage
Sentry tower +2 damage
Guard tower +4 damage
Ballista tower +4 or 5 damage

Good idea to have it in the Bronze Age because looking at the first trace of it, its invention was in 1860 BC which is a year set during the Bronze Age era. Perhaps it can take the slot of Writing when that technology is removed while Lookouts is available in the Iron Age.

I think there can always be two different line of sight upgrades one in bronze and second in iron age.
Second one could be called “Oil lamps” and they both can give +2 and +2 so +4 in total if civ gets both upgrades.

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Hope to see something


Yes, hope to see something as well and not just some minor fixes.