250 Point Custom Civ Data Mod

Hey Everyone!

My friends and I play with custom civs against the AI. I would love to add more civs to the mod. We currently have about 10.

If you have some fun civ ideas, please send them my way. You can use Civilization Builder to create the mod.

The rules are pretty simple, just keep it equal to or under 250 points, and try to stay away from unique buildings like Krepost. As only one civ can have those per mod.


  1. Go to website
  2. Build Civ
  3. Build Civ
  4. Build your civ, save the .json file
  5. Copy / Paste your .json file below in this thread and I’ll add it! (you can open a .json file with notepad)

Current Data Mod Name: OpampCustCiv250
Current UI Mod Name: OpampCustCiv250UI


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