256x and 9x tech mod bugged, help!?


I am having issues running the 256x and 9x tech mod. It makes my game run really slow whenever i have a building selected. I noticed that when i look at the prices of the techs in the buildings, it will show the price as if it is 256 times (or 9 times) the normal price, I can still buy the tech’s at regular price, even if it says the tech are way overpriced and greyed out, and whenever a tech is bought. it shows the price drop by one of the full prices so it then shows 254 times the price (or 8 depending on the mod). Additionally, it makes the game run super slow whenever a building menu is open that has techs, as I believe it’s holding all 265 or 9 techs in the same menu at once.

Does anyone else have this issue, or know a way to fix it?

Any help would be much appreciated