26th sept update

Patchnotes anywhere?
Just got the update through, but where are can I find the changelog?


the new biome looks really awsome, I love it.



The bombard buff is a huge mistake imo.
Especially when Otto is facing civs without culverines.
By now, every civ should be given culverines.

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  • Meinwerk Palace (II) Landmark
    • Riveted Chain Mail technology cost reduced from 45 Food/105 Gold to 30 Food/75 Gold.
    • Steel Barding technology cost reduced from 120 Food/300 Gold to 90 Food/210 Gold.
  • Landsknecht health increased from 80/95 to 85/100.

Buffs to a dead landmark and,
5 hp. 5 health points.

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Halloween events in games are easily the best but also, Ottoman uni landmark from 60% to 100% bonus speed whaaaaaaaaat?!?

Again they made the Ottoman’s Great Bombard slightly cheaper. Again they kept HP, range and attack the same very ineffective levels.

So still we have something completely useless and very expensive, but now slight cheaper. Still barely kills 1 archer. Still dies instantly to springald. Still useless joke, you just instantly lose tons of resources and lose the game.

In fact Ottomans are even worse now, because Sipahi takes longer to train.

It’s hard to understand why devs do this, it’s been more than a year everyone from pros to mid-levels saying the unit is useless, no one ever uses it in competitive game, they insist on keeping it so.


Delhi elephants are a similar problem, it’s also key to the fun of playing Delhi (no wonder no one plays Delhi). But I’ve never seen pros use Great Bombard in a thousand 1v1 games, not even once. Unit never used is not in the game = Ottoman civ soul not in game

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I just played 2 games:

the map pool for team games is updated, i play new maps. But the downvote pool is still the old one. Hence i can’t downvote on the current maps.

My friend played HRE, i told him about landsknecht health buff but he noticed they are stlll 80HP instead of 95.


Musifadi stealth units Now enter in stealth mode for 30 seconds, yeih!

That’s exactly what I was going to ask for, because as it was, the stealth mechanic was practically useless because It don’t give you enough time to position your camouflaged units. In fact, I even suggested in my concept of Aztecs that some units acquire unlimited or 30-second stealth.

Anyway, maybe now the Fort of the Huntress ability works better. I always want to use it in skirmishes but it’s very difficult because of the time limit.

This statement would be more meaningful if there wasn’t an amazing 1h game just this past weekend in the Call to Arms tournament where Lucifron used Great Bombards to great effect. But I guess we can ignore that because it doesn’t fit the narrative?

They literally just got Quadruple Buffed in one patch (decreased cost, decreased pop, increased DPS, decreased train time with Imp landmark) and you still complain. Unreal.


They buffed attack speed, cost, and population. Literally a triple buff.

They also significantly buffed a landmark.


This is such a patently false interpretation. Makes me wonder why you do it here. Plus it doesn’t change an inch the other thousand 1,000 matches I’ve watched.

Mmmm right, thousands of matches. Probably one match for every account you’ve created to try and evade your ban.

New account created 2 hours ago just so he could hop on the Ottoman complain train. No surprise.


I watched the match and it’s so not true. Still trying to understand why you would say something so false and dishonest. What’s the point?

The Great Bombard is an joke and meme according to all pros.

And it definitely STILL is an absolute joke after this latest patch… more of the same. In fact Ottomans are EVEN WORSE now (Sipahi longer training).

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That biome looks super cool.


I love this game :smiley:
no troll no joke, i love it.

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general: repair rate changes (better for single vil, worse for multiple vils), ram nerfs (was needed), bombard/Ribauldequin buffs, boiling oil buff (small area increase, but needed)
Abbasid: bug fix (nerf)
Chinese: exploit fix (nerf)
Delhi: 3 scholars in first Madrassah (effectively changes base imperial age research rate from 12X to ~8.5X - I personally think 10X would be balanced, but I don’t have that much experience.)
French: Red palace nerf (slight range reduction to keeps/TCs)
HRE: Meinwerk buffs, Landsknechts gain 5 hp
Malians: buffs, mainly to stealth
Mongols: buffs
Ottomans: Sipahi take longer to train (res/min normalization nerf for military schools), Great Bombard buffs (needed), and Age4 landmark buff (Istanbul Observatory is the more generally applicable landmark, and it got a significant buff, which I think would make the Ottoman Age4 much stronger. The other landmark is still a good option if you’re going for trade)
Rus: scout normalization (small nerf)

So I think that this will make Delhi much more viable in imperial age, and Ottomans to a lesser extent. As I understand it, both were considered weak (Delhi because of techs taking so long - though I think that now they’ll be pushing the line of too fast to get all the 1000-cost techs for free; Ottomans because janissaries and Great Bombards aren’t/weren’t quite as effective as hand cannons/bombards)

The really need to nerf great bombards. Even mass springalds dies to great bombard, it has too much hp. It kills forts in 2 shots and every firing kills 10 knights. Actually unkillable overpowered unit and they buffed it. Only counter is pray your civ has culverins otherwise ottomans get imp, automatic gg.

Highest winrate Ottomans even better than before. Unbelievable.

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How does the new buff to Dehli work? i tried it and don’t get my scholars, am i understanding it well? first 3 scholars should appear for free right?

They should appear when you build the university (Madrasa) or Hisar Academy landmark. It wouldn’t be too crazy if it was bugged though

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oh i misunderstood i thought it was the Dehli Monastery, thank you

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