2nd Daily Challenge Broken

The 2nd Daily Challenge “Win Any” or whatever else is the win condition, is totally broken with the Sultans Ascend update. No matter how many games you play and Win, that challenge is NEVER achieved.

This is with a clean fresh install of the latest game with the DLC, all patches and no mods installed.
Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Store version (non-Steam).

The rest of the challenges work fine.

Never mind. Looks like latest patch fixed this somehow.

I was preparing to create a topic based on this bug but I found this one.
Almost everyday I get this challenge and I’m not able to complete it even once (only playing MP Custom Game or Skirmish).
While I am happy that for you the fix worked, on my side, the situation is the same.
Didn’t reinstall the game though.

So, this bug is still present.

P.S. my girlfriend has the same issue (different account & machine)

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No, I think it’s not fixed, or broke again.
I’m still not able to get that challenge, even after completing it many times.

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Only the second daily mission will not be cleared. I’m experiencing the same bug.