2v2 Co-op verses AI on Confluence. AI brainless

My teammate and I wiped the AI Hardest. Wasn’t a challenge compared to some other games and other maps. I feel like the AI doesn’t really know the strategy of this map.

Once you wall off your squared section (separated by the cross rivers), you’re pretty safe to boom and creep forward easily. The AI doesn’t understand to wall outside your wall near the river or build a castle to counter your castle at the river choke point.

It would be nice to see this improved if possible.

EDIT: In addition to this issue, when raiding AI green, AI yellow just sat back and did nothing. You think AI teams would help one another?

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The AI difficulty range is quite limited. Easy is too hard, and Hardest is not difficult enough.

I recommend playing against the Delhi AI Hardest, which I have found to be the most challenging (assuming you don’t rush them).