2v2 - combination of french and english seems pretty strong

i play 2v2 with my brother on a regular time schedule. Yesterday we faced the combination french/english in 80% of our matches and won no match.
Everytime the enemy team rushed in the second age withthe combination of Longbows and Knights.
Problem: Longbows outrange normal Bowmen and are protected by the Knights. Spearmen gets shreddered by Longbows. So the only reasonable option seems to be both Knights, but to compete with the french Knights, at least one person needs to play french.
I wouldn’t say it’s imbalanced (like Mongol TC rush), but it’s pretty strong and the matches play pretty even, which is kind of sad. Also i think it’s difficult to defend.
That said, we’re long time RTS-players and played some titles on a relatively high level, so i just wanted to adress my thoughts as 2v2 is mostly not focused to be improved.