2v2 is joke

Done with Age 4 till they fix siege. Only play 2v2 with a buddy, and every game the team who masses siege first wins, regardless of rushing strategies attempted or civ selection. Game isn’t fun when it’s one dimensional.

I see some potential solutions, but I don’t have faith in the devs at this point to fix it any time soon:

  • Double all siege unit pop cost
  • Turn on friendly fire for siege units
  • Double the reload time for mangonels or decrease their damage

Upon reaching Imp, and even castle, there is almost no point in producing units except for trash to prevent cav rushes. Even in dry arabia maps it’s the same play-style every game. Just isn’t fun when you know exactly what your opponents have to do and that you have to match it exactly or you lose.


Team games are not good right now. 3v3 and 4v4 are worse.
So many changes needed for team games be fun. I was going to make a list of changes for team game but why bother.
changes like ally droped players wall gates need to still work and can delete them easy (people are trolling on 4v4 with this now)
Droped player ally takes control of remaining units and resources.

You know normal RTS things like this which is missing in a long list of missing things.

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Again: Massing siege is a valid option in team games since the maps are just too big and very turtle friendly. So just reduce map sizes for quickmatch team games and implement custom map sizes for other game modes. This way team games will finally become fun to play. No need to change too many things that will lead to nobody building siege on the 1on1 competitive scene anymore.


I think the current problem is
when you build more sieges, they become more powerful.
If there is a way to make it more linear, siege problems can be solved.
For example, like siege stack penalty (siege dmg reduced or units immune to siege dmg for a while when hit by siege)

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One thing I noticed about team games is if you die you cannot continue observing the game. It just kicks you to the score screen which doesn’t show much since the game is incomplete anyway. IDK if they just want you to leave and fill another game ASAP or why they did that but it kind of bothers me that I can’t watch my team finish the game after getting sniped.

I also wish there were more formations. There should be a formation editor and people can come up with custom formations and moves. Would make combat a lot more dynamic and some better options vs siege.


Agreed. I play almost exclusively 2v2 with my brother, but the way this game is played its become so dull. Unfortunately, like you I very little confidence in the devs, which is unfortunate because I love the Age franchise.

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Cav should be able to trample infantry and pass through crowd to burn-down siege unless being impaled by spear. This will open possibility to counter siege heavy composition to burn-down. Cav path is terrible in this game and get really bad when facing infantry mass. So they are not as effective as they should be against the siege. So it comes down to destroying siege with siege.


I like the trample idea.

They had a fantastic charge/trample for cavalry in Battle for Middle Earth, and the visual alone was worth price of admission. Adding something like that to a cavalry charge (maybe via a mod) would definitely make cavalry more fun to use in AoE4. This might make cav over-powered, but perhaps boosting the impact of the spearmens’ brace ability (instant-cav-death) would help balance that out.

Cataphracts for Byzantines also had trample damage, but they just did area-of-effect damage to units around them.

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Those games were awesome and the cavalry charge mechanic was a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to BFME reforged