2v2 match making will it be fixed?

Matching with Asian ally… doesnt speak a word of english… literally just let all my trade die as mongols because he didnt wall off… unable to communicate = instant loss

Even if your ally speaks English, he/ she might also be totally unwilling to communicate/ unable to act accordingly due to lack of experience… So you can find a bigger match like 4 on 4 in hoping of better the experience if you intend to not play with friends on discord.

If you want to play competitively, then you need to act for your ally. You need to get used to the circumstances where your ally is worse/ much worse than you. As a result, you will learn to attack skillfully, take over enemies before trading in such a hostile 2 on 2 environments. Do not invest too much on trades when you are not confident. Unless you are playing some vast map, you do not need the silver tree trader spam. Deer stone bonus is very good.

I am not some great player by any means, but the amount of total noobs and/or idiots can get annoying since it seems like they are always on my team

Its due to gamepass being free basically… the game is full of none RTS players… some are extremely bad… like ive had some that did perfect rushes then just afked??? i know ranked is not out yet but i hope this is all fixed by then its extremely annoying!!!

Just play 1v1, that will fixed your problem instead of whining

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