2v2 mexican is far too op

What can you do with 1 canon + 80units in your base at 5min30?

you must show score militar

This is why you scout and check decks, if you knew a revolt was coming you’d have prepared and it’s very all in for mexico. The revolts and return to mexico have been significantly nerfed.

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Yeah I already closed my game so I couldn’t do more screenshot. They both had mexican revolt decks. We check right when first shipment came so we knew

They place Haciendas right in front of our starting base and just spam canon and a bunch of every unit so there is no perfect counter for what they have. Despite having colonial militia, units shipments, tower in base, minute men, there is nothing that we could achieve.

One game was panama, the other one i think CentralAmerica.

We knew it but it was the first time I saw it that agressive, which is one more exploit of the civ that surely isn’t patch yet.

A good change in my eyes would be to remove the (military) shipment point of the hacienda. This Building is already really good and one of Mexican’s strengths. In that way this cheese revolt tactics is nerfed while the Civ is the same.

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This is some noob trash talk here. To ship this 1 cannon Mexico hast to spend like 1k res for revolt, and a 1 Shipment +100c, which is an extra worth 800 res. Almost every civ can hat at least 20 musks for that price, plus TC fire and minutemen. Vs 1 cannon, yeah, good luck with that xD

I’m not saying I’m an expert (currently 1700elo in team games #300ish) but I play the game quite enough to say that this build has something pretty broken. I doubt you even looked at the graph I sent. We are not talking 1 canon vs my 20 musk but 60 and 80 units at 5h30 an 6min into the game, swarming our base. (just purple unit curve). Sure we had that 40 units to face that but still. Man just look at the graph.

Also, consider that even after killing the canon, they still had tons of unit idling one TC so no more production or anything. And they wrecked our military base. Sure, in 1v1 you put you military building behind your tc when you face this, but in 2v2 with the two TCs being spread out you can’t stay behind since you need to put the fb together in one place.

Another fact: after the game I check the purple players 507’s ranking. He was #500 and went #312 in two days. Don’t tell me he isn’t abusing one BO or I’ll consider that you might be the noob here. XD

Well its an all in revolt. More than half the time in 1v1 it fails. So the issue is the 2v2 setting. And guess what, team games always had some broken stuff (team siege Elefants anyone?). A good pre made team with a strat in mind will beat you, regardless Mexico or not.

You see the revolt card, you prepare for a rush. Once stopped, México is dead because they can only do all in.