2x2 Farms

Hi everyone

In the section related to discussion of the forum, ofthe the idea of having 2x2 farms pop up as a potential bonus to help those civs in disadvantage.

Now, since there is a lot of theocrafting about this bonus (if it would be OP, weak and to balance it with already existing bonuses) I wanted to ask if someone is able to make a mod out of it, just to test it in the editor, to see how the bonus would work in a SOTL stile, so to finally have some data to work with.

theres been already some mods out there with 2 x 2 farm. but as it is with data modding it can’t be used in ranked and only in unranked game.

a mod has 2x2 farming https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/15373/

Thanks, I don’t want to use it online at all, it enough for me to test it in the editor.

I’m just curious to see how it would work as a civ bonus, if it’ll OP, weak or a good bonus for some weak civs.

it is pretty OP. the farmers still need to do walking so the generate increase in farmer workrate dont help all that much and due to farm being smaller, walking distance is less, it almost negate the point of having wheelbarrow and handcart.

infact you can even have 1x1 farm which villager would still need to “walk” in the same position. so 1x1 farm will be most efficient because no walking at all, but still need to stop to walk then to collect again.

Thanks man, there was a discussion if this could have been a potential buff for Italians, and it may seem that it’ll make them broken…