3 civs Latin

I just realised there are 3 civs that speak Latin. Is it not a problem?

On the other side somebody said I am asking for Age of India when I asked for just 2 more civs to complete it.

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You are not the only one who wants more Indian civs.
But it doesn’t matter what you suggest someone will say those civilians are not important and their favourite civilisation should be added instead.


Italians byzantines exact same language,romans have slightly different version.some monks also speak latin eg britons.
Mongols Huns exact same language since aoc
Teutons Goths same language since aoc
So nothing really new about different civis speaking the same language.

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Byzantines speaking Latin is pretty eggregious so yes they should give them Greek voices. I can safely say that AOE2 devs need to look at the Byzantines in AOE4 and draw inspiration.

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How about just literally copying the sound files?
AoE3 uses AoE2 voice lines for some units too.


OMG you are saying it’s 3.5 not 3? Devs definitely have some bias going on here. Latin Architecture is highest used as well.

Them speaking latin is perfectly fine in aoc as they initially represented anything roman in game.now its just a weird case of who is representing what.

I guess we wont get any voice updates for old civis as its too nostalgic now.


No, it is not a problem.

2 mire indian civs would not be a problem, assuming we get 2 more civs.
It is up to the devs want and what the loud voices of the community asks for.

Devs bias is not a problem either.

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No, it’s not okay at all.

At the very least, the Byzantines should speak in their original colloquial language, Greek, according to historical facts. Developers now even have voice line files. There’s no reason not to do that.

The Goths should also record new voice lines in their reconstructed language. In fact, this franchise even has voice lines created in this way.

However, the case of the Huns is more complicated. Because the mother tongue of the Huns is still “unknown”. However, in current academic circles, it seems to be considered more of a Turkic language than a Mongolic, so for example, Chuvash, which is presumed to be the closest extant language, or Bulgar, an older form (although reconstructed) should be used.
Alternatively, if developers want to keep costs to a minimum, they could consider replacing Mongolian with Cuman (which would at least be more closely related).


Latin was the lingua franca of the clergy back then (and still is in some limited capacity). It would make sense if all catholic factions had monks that speak latin. Teutons, Spanish, Portuguese, Sicilians, Franks, Burgundians, Bohemians, Poles would all be fine to have Latin speaking monks. I’m probably even forgetting some


They could use the Age of Mythology ones as well.


No because they are bad. They have a lot of made up and badly researched sound in it. Plus they are supposed to be ancient, while AoE4 is from the same time period.
AoE4 is on a much higher level of quality when it comes to sound files compared to any other AoE before, which is not surprising considering that AoE3 was 5 years after AoE2 but AoE4 was like 15 years after AoE3.

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I dont think anyone here can possibly tell that you are a fan of Indian subcontinent civs and while ai want a few more elephant civs as well this is like the 3rd topic youve put forth on the matter in such short order where the subtext is how India is so cool.

But please stop spamming this fact!

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Not here to dunk on India or anyone else, but this mawkish AI and/or travel brochure style writing is just weird and unnecessary.


Its more creepy and rule breaking than that Im afraid.

But I guess according to him it’s offensive to point that out somehow


Great work by the AI on the travel brochure.


Have you had the opportunity to learn more about India and its culture? I find that understanding different perspectives can be enriching. Is there anything specific about India that you would like to know or discuss?

I want you to stop posting like a ChatGPT bot! I dont care about yours or anyone’s culture. All I care about is if a civ has good gameplay potential for this GAME. I dont want a boring history book.

Anyway since you dont (if youre a real person) care about others beyond India. If you EVER chatgpt reply to me again I will continue to report it


I am sorry for my good English and perfectly structured grammar that sounds like an AI.

You need to remember that we are on the internet here.
If someone mildly disagrees with you they are equally likely to comment as if they strongly agree with you.
This makes it seem like there is a big opposition to your ideas it in reality a lot of people quietly agree with you.
That’s why this forum has the likes feature. Giving people a quick and easy way to agree with someone.

What works best is to make a poll.
In the poll threads I made there is a clear trend that most people vote for A but most of the posts are in support of B.
People with less popular opinions feel more in the need to post something because they are afraid that the thing they want won’t happen (or more often the thing they don’t want will happen).

Every time someone suggest (or the developers add) an aura for some unit/building there are the same few people posting about how much they dislike auras. (Please don’t argue about auras here again).

So when you are suggesting something like 2 new Indian civs, most people will like the idea and because they are generally in favour of new civilisations.
But a few people will come in because they:

  1. Don’t want any new civilisations for some reason
  2. Are against any new civilisations that are not on their list of top civilisations to be added to the game

If someone suggest 2 European civilisations there are likely more posts about there being too many European civilisations then people complaining about civilisations from almost any other place on earth.

There will always be people that disagree with you, don’t let that distract you and don’t let that make you think the community hates you or your ideas.