3 civs Latin

Oh please just googling few sentence from your AI generated travel brochure shows its made by AI we are not stupid and you are on your way to getting banned soon.

Be a good sport and stop giving everyone a bad reputation from the indian subcontinent please.Everybody here knows more about india and its diversity thanks to aoe2 so dont ruin that by your personal opinion on my people are not in game✌


AoM Greek quotes are fine, and there is nothing made up.

They are simple words (the style of aoe2/aom) of the same language that describe ordinary things. They don’t even use phrases like in aoe4, to reveal possible grammar elements, leaving no space to tell much about the time period, aside from the fact that they miss Latin, or other local language, potential (but not mandatory) influences to the Greek language (loanwords), in the chosen vocabulary.

Regarding the pronunciation, it’s very safe, since most of the disagreements arise for the pronunciation of the classical Greek (before Alexander) and back. AoM voice lines use contemporary pronunciation.

You need to delete your post, it makes too much sense and is too informative and respectful, so it can not possibly belong on the internet. (Sarcasm) :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying to be the voice of reason, sadly it is just going to be ignored by the people that need to hear it the most.