I would like to ask the production team when the European DLC began and how many months it began to be used. I hope to add a European historical battle, Aboriginal and religious neutral units, buildings and trade routes, and completely replace the main city with European style and new units, new treasure guardians, animals, resources and new mercenaries, New buildings and 10 more European maps, 10 European civilizations, so it is the real European theme of large-scale DLC. Officers, drummers and flag bearers who want to add a barracks must be adjusted according to the arrangement mechanism of Cossack 3, especially the four European civilization camps of Italy, Poland, Austria and Switzerland


we wont get austria and switzerland also seems quiet unlikely.

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Yes, the production team can make a large DLC with European theme, which will be released this year

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its not that unlikely we will see a European DLC.

but the likely factions are: Denmark-Norway, Italians and Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.

Switzerland was extremely neutral and did practically nothing in the periode not already more or less covered by mercenaries. Switzerland only had 2 foreign wars, both defensive and 1 ending in the complete annexation by napoleon.

Austria is already actually in the game, they are the Germans, which is a mixture of different German elements but in particularly the southern German confederation under Austria during the 30 years war. Doppelsoldners, warwagons, uhlans and settlerwagons are all southern german/austrian monarchy of origin, and the revolutions are all Austrian revolutions like Hungary.

i am not against a European DLC, in fact id like that very much, but Switzerland and Austria just wont be a part of that.


If there are officers in historical battles, let the production team be an officer, drummer and flag bearer. They can be trained in the barracks and will be adjusted according to the arrangement mechanism of Cossacks 3 games

I think the same,I hope we have that expected European dlc by August 2022,before the launch of AoM DE in the last third of the year…

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Yes,I do not think that they separate the Germans into Austrians and Prussians,they will still be Germans in a dry way,even in a European dlc they could have 3 new revolutions:Rhin Confederation,German Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire…perhaps Italy and Poland-Lithuania will play as playable civs in the multiplayer and in a historic battle,the siege of Copenhagen with Denmark-Norway for later,long after the dlc has come out…

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Can you tell me about the historical battles of DLC in Europe? Are there any heroes with their own battles, such as Cromwell and Catherine II Nelson? There are also a large number of European maps and the emergence of aborigines, religious units, animals, treasure guardians, trade routes and new European mercenary units

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Maybe an Asian civ comes first, we have get an european (+2 post colonial), a native and 2 africans.

But please, we need balance and UI fixes first, new civs can wait


Could be the Battle of Pavia (1525),Kalhenberg (1683) and Waterloo (1815)…

Yes,it would be Persia, Italy (Brazil and Argentina), Mapuches, Morocco and Zulus…


First bug fix and a polished game
any other DLC and
just maybe a euro DLC.

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Therefore, officers can take the initiative to arrange the formation of all units. How did the attack come from? Can the barracks train officers, drummers and flagmen Stables can train Royal Musketeers (which can transport cards to the main city) and hunting cavalry (only with French and Russian camps)

The question is how likely are we to get new European factions? There’s plenty of room for European maps and historical battles are plenty. But factions? 9 out of 20 factions currently are European, I can imagine the devs thinking that’s quite enough. Even if they did want to add new Europeans, there are not really many viable options left.

A quick rundown of the six named in this topic in alphabetical order:

The one civ that was actually commented on by a dev, and not in a good way for its fan. The Germans currently represent the Holy Roman Empire and the Germans states within it. The HRE was in the time period almost exclusively led by the Austrian Habsburg and it’s unit roster seems to be focused on the mercenary armies of the Habsburg mostly. The chance of Austrians ever making it into the game as a standalone faction are very small indeed.

Honestly the most likely of Europeans to be added. A colonial power in its own right for those that request Europeans to be involved in colonialism. And even in Europe itself it was involved in many conflicts. The major downside is that it was in general not very successful, they might be a bit obscure to those with little interest in Danish history and they might soon look like the guys that showed up and got their ■■■ kicked. Still, top of the list for European inclusion.

A very popular suggestion that show up time and time again, mostly stated as “originally intended for the base game”. However the Italian city states’ golden age was mostly over when the game’s time period begins. The fall of Constantinople blocked their most valuable trade routes and prompted others to look for other routes to the east. The resulting explorations resulted in massive gains for the Europeans but the Italians were left in the dust. Many great Italians of the era did their explorations in the service of the greater European power, thus representation as mercenaries seems fitting. Even the major conflicts in Italy itself was mostly a war between the French and the Habsburg. The Italians were simply not a major player until the very end of the game’s time period.

Winged Hussar. Need we say more? One of the most iconic military units ever. However that might be all there can be said about the Poles. Like the Italians they were in decline, and they even disappeared from the map completely by the end of the time period. I do think they’d be really cool to have as a standalone faction. But won’t be surprised to see them as natives instead.

Like the Austrians, the Prussians are being represented by the Germans. However unlike the Austrians, the Prussians have barely anything related to them in the faction. No Prussian special units or any card referring to their history. It feels like Frederick and Berlin were slapped onto the faction as afterthoughts to not have to make Prussians at some point. If that’s the case, the chance of their inclusion is basically as high as the Austrian’s.

Wouldn’t make it into a European shortlist imo. But since the OP mentioned them, here they are.
A people famed for two things: mercenaries and neutrality. The first is represented in the game already and the second seems like a good reason not to include them. A revolution could perhaps work. But mostly they seem like a good candidate for a native settlement.

Please note that I enjoy playing the European faction a great deal, I find myself returning to them after playing newer factions all the time. However if I look at it realistically, it doesn’t seem far fetched for me to assume Europeans are done. All the great power are represented to varying degrees. The relatively minor remainder will probably never come as standalone, though I’d love to be proven wrong.

Europeans have a smaller canvas to work with so to say, they are less complex than the newer factions. And with the many features the newer civs have I can imagine the devs would rather want to create these newer factions were much of their new ideas can be used instead of the rather bland Europeans.


i think the chance is they choose berlin and Frederik because they are by far the most famous German city/person.

Berlin is a world city on the levels of Washington, Moskva, Paris, London etc. while Vienna is slightly more obscure. i mean they could have chosen Aachen or something else as well but again wasn’t chosen for the fact its just not that famous of a city.

Frederik is by far the most famous German king/elector of the periode, only other leaders that would come close in fame would be Bismarck, Maria Theresa or Ferdinand.

Fair points and probably a contributor to their choice of leader/home city.

I would say Vienna is a world city of high renown though, certainly on the levels of Berlin especially in the time period were it’s much grander then Berlin itself.

As for leaders, were Im from. Maximilian I and Charles V are much more famous then Frederick the Great, but that’s probably a local thing since they were of more historical importance here. They would certainly fit the German faction more.

The production team said that a large number of European maps, animals, guardians of new treasures, new trade routes, mercenaries and units, as well as new European Aboriginal and religious neutral units must be completely made European dlc, are you’re OK

Of course,I think the same…they would have to put leader selector like the one that has the civilization saga with different civilization bonuses,units and cards according to the leader you choose…

Can European aborigines such as Cossacks, savoys, Scots and Ireland Bavarians Wurttembergers Westphalians Burgundy so I wish to appear of the European map Let the production team do all the construction units of the European camp’s own academy of the Start time

Of course, that would be the idea…