3 Great ideas I'd like to see implemented in AoE II

Last night I came up with a couple of ideas for things I’d like to see implemented in AoE II and so I picked the three most viable of them and decided to make a thread about them to see what you guys thought.

Adding Weather Effects like Rain

Don’t you think it’d be cool if AoE II had more weather effects like rain and snow? It would make the game just a bit more immersive in my opinion. And I know the devs said they wanted the game to be bright and inviting but I still think it’s a good idea to add rain.

Hunting Dogs

There was a thread posted in the AoE I forum recently that exchanged some ideas of adding more animals to the original game and one of the ideas proposed by me and @ExemptedScarf68 was a hunting dog that would reveal the position of deer if the dog got within around 20 tiles of them and so I thought it was a good idea and decided to add it to this list.

Native Villages

The new Michi map added a Gaia market for 1v1 games so that trade is always a possibility and that got me thinking about adding more Gaia stuff to the game. And one of the ideas I came up with was adding a native village to the game that would send you native warriors if you send them tribute, this idea would incentivize getting market techs and also open up a possibility for earlier rushes.


dead angles for units? (units have a los in the direction that they face and every unit is given a “noise” attribute and depending on that the unit that doesnt look at the unit can hear it and turn around to face it)

My idea works more like a trigger that reveals the position of the deer once you are within a 20 tile radius of them.

Not a fan of native villages. Leave it for aoe3


I don’t think they will implement any new feature to aoe2 that affects the balance and feel of the game. They will only ever add either Graphical Aesthetic stuff or QOL improvements

So Native Villages/Hunting Dogs is out of question.


None of these have any real use.


Tbh I don’t feel like hunting would have a meaningful use when you can just use scouts.

They would be great if added in Age IV, actually!

By “Native Villages”, you mean the ones from Age III?

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I don’t think so I came up with it on my own.

Saying your own ideas are great sounds a bit strange to me, mostly because I think they are not. Weather is fine as long as it’s just aesthetic, the other two sound bad.

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The weather effects should be for AoE IV.


Relic’s CoH2 had some weather mechanism: Weather system in CoH2 will freeze your troops to death - VG247

True Vision FoW mechanism might also fit well in AoE4.

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“3 Ideas I like to see Implemented in AoE II” just doesn’t have the same zest to it.

It sounds cool until you see it in game. Weather is either blinding (snow), obscuring (rain), or slowing the game down (any terrain effects of weather). It also makes a bunch of lag. The first thing players would do if these were added would be to install mods to not see weather.

Empire Earth II had weather like this, and it just was distracting and luck generating.

Finding deer specifically, as opposed to general scouting is not strategically important enough to warrant building this unit rather than general scouting units. It is either better than scouts to replace them, or pointless.

This is the most reasonable and would best be implemented as a feature of a specific map (such as michi 1v1). However, consider that by the time you can get a market and tribute, you are well beyond when you can build “rush” units yourself. It would either be OP or unused.

Maybe not such a great idea,but maybe make idle villages sit or do sth else instead of just sitting.Makes the gameplay in campaigns much more realistic and it’s a nice feature imo

I forgot that you need a market to tribute. 11

This is actually a feature in the user patch for the original game, maybe the devs can implement it for DE too.

What are “Hunting Dogs” in the context of Age 2?

an old tech that was removed.

Thanks for the info. I see the bonus was quite strong, I understand why it was removed.

I thought “Hunting Dogs” was some sort of Pet for the initial Scout lol.