3 Great Tournaments and the map you thought best was Amazon Tunnel, Nile Delta and Pacific Islands?

Just a thought here… There are three awesome tournaments with some amazing maps happening/happened - BOA, RMS and T90 Titans League… Each has some really great maps!
For TGs - Grand Bara, Colosseum, Beach Fight and others
For 1v1s - Fractal, Ring of Reeds, Koala, Fortified Clearing and possibly others.

So many good maps and some really good ones in standard maps too and instead we are supposed to play pacific islands, nile delta and amazon tunnel which are pretty much all guaranteed to be banned. why not look at the past statistics of the bans and choices?


It’s not even so much about the tournaments. It would be just nice not to have these very exotic maps too frequently as dev picks. Reasoning: There is just no point in trying find a good approach to these maps, if you’re never getting to play them since they are banned anyway. If a map is selected through the voting, it at least implies that a certain fraction of the playerbase is interested (or okay with) in playing them.

In the previous [1v1] pool we had Islands / Four lakes as dev picks, both of which are much better choices than Nile delta / Kawasan for water / hybrid maps.