3 hours of queue and yet no opponent found

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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Can’t find a match after more than 3 hours in queue.

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It is already two days that i cant seem to find a game… the only one it found me was after 2 hours of searching and it was vs and opponent 800 elo below me…

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  1. I dont know if there is a way to reproduce it… it just doesn’t work for me

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The game is supposed to find me and opponent in time at least close to the estimated one

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Is it kind of soft ban or something?

I don’t think its a ban… but who knows…
the last game that i played vs the 700 elo i just left my pc searching for a game for about like an hour and when i came back i had lost to him… idk

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Hi @JokeKing2211
Do you have any kind of antivirus or firewall installed?

Umm yes even though i don’t think it is interfering in any type of way…

Can you try disabling it or adding the whole folder of the game to the exception list?