3+ Minute Freezes

Do you guys have experience with these minutelong freezes after which the game speeds through like crazy? Are these the same for both players? I had games where i had 1k score lead and then i could watch how the game speed through me losing like 40 villagers and 2k on the opponent. i dont really understand how something like that happens when otherwhise the game picks up every single GPU lag from other bad PCs.
Also how do we make sure that people dont abuse these things? There is no way of investigating what others do now and you are forced to queue against random people so you cant even avoid fishy stuff. Also how can people get punished that go AFK and hide villagers after being defeated or people that start lag switch and makes the game take like an hour to finish even if it is already over. In a lobby system that wouldnt matter because you can just ignore people and never play them again.

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