3 mirror games in a row

I enabled the random option and chose a civ. But in 3 games in an hour I got 3 mirror matches. I asked my opponent and he said he didn’t choose mirror. Is this a bug? anyone else experienced similar issues?

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If you picked a civ and clicked to enable random, you will often will play with one who picked a civ too not random civ. If you want random you must enable random and play random.

Did you read?

Yeah, if both players enabled random, there is no way to see the same civ (thats full random option).
There was (is) a bug in team games were the player going random gets the same civ as a picker of his team, dunno if this was fixed or has something to do with your issue.


I can just talk for myself, but in 1x1 I always go for this: I enable “random civ” and pick “mirror civ”, so the following happens:

  • if my enemy also choose “random civ” we both play random civ, so it is kind of fair (ofc a bit gambling)
  • if my enemy choose a civ (and disable “random civ”) I play the same civ, so it is fair

I think many will do the same and probably just lie, when you aks them.

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If both players pick random, then it is not possible to get the same civ (you need full random if you want to option of mirror games).

If you pick random, but the enemy pick a civ, then you can end up with the civ civ. Three times in a row is uncommon, both not impossible.

I have had some mirror games in a short period, but overall the number of mirror matches (given most players pick civ) arent strange.

So to me, you just seems unlucky.

Did you all three players about the civ they pick, or only latest enemy?

You just asked your opponent if he went mirror, but you did not ask whether he had a civ picked, which would be more important question before deducing it to a bug. The random option ticked at the box only happens when both players tick it, otherwise you get your chosen civ and then it could be this scenario:

You: Pick Civ A + random option ticked, Them: Pick Civ A - random option ticked

=> You both play Mirror Civ A even though you had the random option ticked

Also you didnt say whether the mirror matchup was the civ you picked as fall-back option if the random agreement fails. Very important information.


Your questions are reasonable but I don’t understand how I get mirror matches with berbers, berbers and lithuanians. I never experienced something similar before. Only explanation is that all 3 opponents went mirror which doesn’t make sense.

your enemy might have picked Full Random or Mirror option,

but there is also a chance that it is bugged

So many games my team has been getting duplicate civs, even though we clearly selected “Random” (if we had selected Full Random, then that’s okay, since that option allows duplicates, but why the f does Random allow duplicates? How can my team get 3x Britons? not to mention the bug where 256 colors are generated xD)


Stop playing hacked games bro!

At least it was a meta civ :joy: try double italians in a 2v2. Can’t fully confirm the bug but I’ve had two 2v2 where we went random and ended up with the same 2 civs and i almost never go random. Really wouldn’t surprise me to find out its a bug…

No it seems a pattern he’s done this in multiple threads…

There’s gotta be a bug somewhere.

I’ve had this happen to me in team games. My 3 party members picked their civs and I picked random, then I got the same civ as one of my team.

I’ve seen on streams in 1v1 where both players queue’d random civ and got the same civ.

Neither of these should happen if the random civ is working as intended (it should only be possible w/ full random).


this is where you are wrong.
random just gives you a random civ.
full random gives you a random civ that isn’t selected already.

I don’t know what game you have but:
Random Civ

Full Random

You should not get a civ that has already been selected if random civ is chosen. Tell me again how I’m wrong?


sorry my bad, i’m backwards.

Maybe it is like that now, they have switched random and full random functionality? (Does anybody that plays full random confirm that is working as intended?)