3 villagers vs any other age one card

Is there any reason to go anything else but 3 vills (or equivalent for France, Germans, Lakota) as the first shipment for civs with that option?
I ask because it seems like regardless of a rush, boom or turtle it is always the same with 3 vills being so powerful that anything else will just slow you down.
IMO there is a bottleneck in potential usage of age 1 cards and small further tweaks could improve this.
Sending 300 food for a early age up is not enough to justify the shipment. If it was 400 food would that help?
The 7 sheep + livestock pen was the right direction, as was the improvement to the capitalism card.


pues en caso de las civs que no tienen la carta de 3 aldeanos, si lo que busco es avanzar rápido, uso la carta peletero, o también la carta de teoría económica que mejora en 10% la recolección de todo tipo de recurso en cualquier fuente. O si vas mar usas goletas para abaratar los pesqueros.

(pero ese es mi caso no se si otros más lo hagan xd)

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Good point about schooners for water maps

300 food might be more attractive because when you spend it to train vils you get XP back.