30 card slots Please ( also 12 for each age)

With so many new features and cards introduced in DE, I think it’s fine to increase the card slots in deck. Many people may not know that back in 2006 when Warchief expansion was released, the card slots was increased from original 20 to current 25. DE is now ready to make such changes again.

In fact, for many non-core RTS players, it’s pretty cool and fun to enhance and train as many ultimate units as possible in the game. I think for 3DE at the moment, boosting the capacity of the deck is the most direct and effective solution.

Also don’t forget to increase the card slots limit for each age (at least 12 cards I guess). I’m tired of the feeling when I have to remove Advanced Arsenal / Fencing Riding School/Native Support card from my deck.


And for USA and Mexico. 25 card slots would be fine

Well this post has a point more or less depending on the Civ but yes. ESPECIALLY the per age limit of 10.

I dont know about 30 cards in deck yet.

Many cards are balanced through the fact they are limited to 10 per an age and you CANT have everything all the time, making you think and try and you know, use the strategy in a strategy game. this would simply benefit some civs far more than others and make some strategies (rushing, fast industrials, etc) even better. all while not enhancing the play at all since the cards picked now are due them being the most efficient, so the card order would be basically the same most games. It would also make every deck more or less homogenous, killing a good portion of the fun for people who like personalize their decks or tinker since th ebest cards would always have space. So allow less balance and strategy in a game while not really changing the core mechanics for me wouldnt be worth it in most pvp

my suggestion would be if at all, allow it as a casual mode option. This would allow those who want to make the uber units every time without ever having to make choices get their mode freely and engage as they wish, while keeping all the issues it would create away from those who would rather not opt in. best of both worlds


No sorry, chosing is the best part of making a deck. 30 is too much, you don’t really have to choose.

25 is the way the game has been played for 15 years and more.


I don’t know about this, it could be problematic balance wise, but I’d like to see it being an option for unranked games.


i feel like this would unfairly benefit civs with crowded age 2 decks and fast industrial civs. Hausa, Otto, Spain, Malta for example


USA and Mexico have more than 25 cards, they receive 2 federative cards per age up.
in the late game, both civs mentioned have 29 cards, you who raised this limit to 33 seriously?

we could just make a mod and have that play instead of trying to make it official