32 Player Diplomacy Map Mode?

Let’s say there’s no lag… somehow far in the future… perhaps even a future version of this game. Would you like to play an insane Diplomacy game with 32 players on a map of Europe 4 times larger than ludacris map size.

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I don’t think there’s enough distinct enough player colours to have that many players and still be able to tell them apart. Maybe 10-12. People already complain about the player colours as it is, saying red/orange/magenta and cyan/green are too hard to tell apart.

I think there are 256 colours possible if I am not wrong. There was a thing has player colours in it and just about 8+3 (Team colours) colours assigned if I am true.

Or use colour combinations, like green/white and green/black, lime green, dark green. 1 colour can easily turn into 4 more

Would that take forever? Yes. Would most people quit after 10 hours? Probably.

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Sometimes at LAN Parties we are 9 or 10 people who want to play the game. A mode with more then 8 players would be cool. But they did not implement more then 8 players for over 20years so I doubt it will ever happen…

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For 32 players, I think that beyond giving each player a unique color. You could choose pre-determined color scales for each Team, and given each player’s base alternating colors (let’s say blue/gray for one Team and red/green for the other).