[34483] Coop mode with random teams causes weird alliances

Game Version:

  • Build 34483
  • Platform Steam and Microsoft Store


Alliances are messed up when everybody random teams but pair of players decide to cooperate with the same colour while the others pick their own unique colour.

This should not happen. The coop players should be paired with right number of players vs an equal number of players.

I’ve tested the issue in a 3vs3 and 2vs2, but the problem probably exists for all formations as long as there are random teams.

Reproduction Steps for 2vs2:

  1. Host a lobby with 5 players (one being yourself)
  2. Make two people pick the same colour
  3. Make the others pick any other unique colour
  4. Make everybody pick random team
  5. Other game settings do not matter and don’t have impact
  6. Launch the game
  7. Notice that you + your cooperative player are allied with everybody
  8. Notice that some players are enemies of each other

Repeat above for 3vs3 but make sure you have 7 players.

The entire alliance is messed up. What should actually happen is that the cooperative players should be teamed with one other player vs the remaining two. This is not the case, thus causing major issues.

Note: This bug was already present in the previous version as well, so it is not new to 34483. I forgot to report it back then.

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