35,3GB (!) Patch

Thought id play a game of AOE4 today but nope, i have to update the game first.

Unfortunately, the size of the patch is 35,3(!) GB. This cant be right is it? Similair things happen to me during every patch. Is the patch size, actually this big or is this a bug?

edit:Xbox launcher btw

That was def. not a 35 gb patch.

Sounds like your steam downloaded the whole game again.

Hi, I’ve got the same same “problem”. For every patch, i have to download all the game, ans it’s so long… It’s not with Steam but with an account Xbox.
Someone know how to resolve that ?

The only real solution is to move to Steam, I played on both platforms and Xbox version is so bad compared to Steam. I moved because of the pathetic patches size and absolutely no ability to access game files, for example on Xbox version you can’t even add the .exe to the RivaTuner or even Nvidia driver menu OMEGALUL.

Thanks for your response,
When you’re already buy the game with Xbox platform, is it possible to migrate to Steam ?

not to my knowledge no

I had this possibility to test AoE4 on Xbox platform during my almost free 3 months Xbox Pass time. Then I experienced problems mentioned before and found that on Steam there are no such things so I decided to buy Steam version and this was my best decision. For now I doubt there is a possibility to change platform, unfortunately.