[36202] Trebuchets unpack before moving into range of their target

getting new issues with trebs: target something 30+ tiles away, treb immediately unpacks as if its about to attack even though way out of range, after unpacking, the treb packs up again and then only moves closer to target to unpack

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Hey there Phoenix! Is there any chance you can get us a replay file of a game where you’re seeing this issue? If you could upload it to a OneDrive, Google Drive or other file-hosting service and then send us the link, we’ll get it over to our team so they can take a look!

Thank you!

You see this battle here from AOK HD? Watch a couple minutes of the British treb action - this is not possible in AOK DE because the trebs would auto start packing whenever something out of range is targeted (which happens all the time as there is no way to know if something is out of range, particularly in the heat of combat). Why is not possible to turn off the “auto-pack feature” in the AOK DE settings?

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Showing specific cursor for out-of-range target would really-really help :slightly_smiling_face:


True that would be helpful, but the first ideal change (in my opinion) would be the option to turn off auto pack in the settings as that is just turning off something rather than adding in something new. Turning off auto-pack means the consequence of clicking on something out of range is no problem, just click on something closer as we did in AOK/AOK TC/AOK HD.

A specific out of range cursor would be a helpful feature, but one I don’t particularly need if they give that legacy option. I’m also not sure how it would if you have multiple trebs selected at the same time with different ranges based on their location.

Yes, automatic packing for out of range targets should be toggleable, like all other QOL changes. @Cysion even said, that all QOL changes will be toggleable. But later automatic packing was implemented as non-toggleable feature for some reason. Maybe it was an oversight and automatic packing will be made toggleable later, so I won’t have to constantly press stop each time I accidentally right-click out of range target.

Cursor should probably indicate being out of range, when at least one selected trebuchet is out of range. It would give information about whether trebuchet will pack when right-clicked on currently pointed target and this would make it possible to decide whether to right-click and pack or stay in current position. It would help a lot in preventing unwanted packings.


Do you have a video or replay file and notes about this specific issue? It looks like others are bringing up several different concerns about trebuchets, but I’d like to make sure I’ve captured the original issue for our Test team to investigate.

Thank you!