36906: Game Becomes Unresponsive to Any Inputs

Game Version: AOE2: DE

  • **Build: 36906
  • **Platform: Steam
  • **Operating System: Windows 10
  • **Gamertag: wakasaki_rocky


After playing for about 2 or 3 minutes, the game suddenly becomes unresponsive to any inputs via keyboard or mouse. The game continues, but I am unable to do anything but watch. Other users are reporting the same issue on the Steam forum.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Join Random Team Match from Steam
  2. Play for two minutes, slaughter a sheep
  3. Then become stuck, unable to click on anything. No keyboard shortcuts work.
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Solved: Disable all of your Mods.

I have no mods (never had any) and I have had the problem every time I play.

I think it is triggered when slaughtering my first sheep.

Ok so this new update has automatically installed a mod called ‘’[main menu] Greatest Technologies’’ which is the one causing the error. After you remove that one your game will run fine.