3rd Mission 1215 Zhongdu in The Mongol Empire campaign CTD/Freeze upon Restart

Whenever I try to Restart this mission, not just my game but my entire CPU freezes. Can’t progress.

It’s weird because I could progress just fine even with Restart Mission on the Normans campaign.

Please help! :smiley:

UPDATE: I was able to Continue Mission and then delete that save, in order to be able to START MISSION again.

HOWEVER, I have now a reproducible CTD/freeze. Upon first stop clicking “START MISSION” both the video and the actual map mission loads fine.

YET, if I exit out, not save anything, and then on the Campaign screen, click “START MISSION” again, the video plays, but the Map loading ALWAYS fails at about 3/4ths of the way.

And it’s not just an EXE CTD/freeze… my entire system is frozen up!

So, this has GOT to be something on the AOE4 side.

I’ve since eliminated the following as culprits:

  1. Overclocking my AMD Threadripper 2990WX from PPT of 500, TDC of 480, and EDC of 550 down to the stock/vanilla PPT of 250, TDC of 215 and EDC of 300.
  2. Turning on/off SMT: Simultaneous Threading
  3. All my Nvidia graphics drivers and Windows are up-to-date.
  4. Verified local game cache and redistrituables. Nothing missing found.
  5. Discovered the free DLC for 4K video and clicked it on.
  6. I have VSYNC off, but I doubt that’s causing this issue.

So I’ve deduced that it’s not my CPU, though it’s probably somehow still related to my weird CPU/MOBA issue.

Thank you @NomadicAI! We appreciate your attention to detail here. I’ll get this forwarded over to our bug team.

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Thank you @SavageEmpire566. Much appreciated!

Since then, I didn’t have any problems, but I’ve been careful not to Restart Missions due to this bug/glitch.

Hopefully this and other bugs will get fixed soon enough. Cheers!

Hey @NomadicAI!

We’ve not had any luck reproducing this bug internally. Are you able to repro this and then contact support here with a summation of the issue and your warnings.log file?

It would be very helpful in our search to get to the bottom of this one.


Yes, I’ll try to find my log file as I try to re-create the CTD. What file folder location would that be?

I know where the savegames folder is. It’s here correct?

In an unrelated note, where are the recorded matches stored? Which folder? Yesterday, I got my 2 brothers to finally play our first multiplayer match together. It was a such a fun blast! I gained a newfound apprecation for the geography/biomes of the map generation to create choke points and tough terrain to navigate/flank around in.

Anyways, I was able to find the Record of the Match by profile… however, knowing that it will probably get deleted eventaully, I wanted to keep the record file stored away for later viewing (to relive the glory lol/learn from mistakes). How do I do that?

You can find log file instructions here: https://support.ageofempires.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408793405460-How-to-find-information-for-troubleshooting-with-Support

Unfortunately there is not yet support for saving/sharing replays.