3v3 Team Tournament "Battle Royale" by Royal Clan!

Brief Details:

Draft Based with Scrimmages
“Pro” and “Casual” Division
Double Elimination

Ask any questions you may have on our Twitch Cast today at 18 GMT.

Full Details: www.royal-clan.com/BattleRoyale!

Sign Ups END on August 7th!

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How many signups? Is casual open to players with ELO as low as 1200-1300?

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Plenty of sign ups - over 50. We highly recommend everyone sign up - it tells us whats popular and the overall range of players. This lets us get a better idea of 1v1 ELO and TEAM ELO ranges and we will try our best to include everyone that has signed up.

AUGUST 7TH is deadline so sign up!!

Thanks man, not expecting to be drafted or anything but signed up for fun.

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