4/27 Update - Hangs after chatting

This has happened all 3 times played since the update - if I hit alt-T to chat and then try to do it again, the entire UI is unresponsive. My villagers are still doing what they were, but I can’t scroll, select any buildings, select any menus, etc. The game is unresponsive to any user control and thus I can’t play at all.

Just tried it a few more times - can consistently reproduce. It is the second alt-T that does it.

It works fine if you click the Chat button on top or use Enter to send a chat. If you chat once, then try to use alt-T, then entire games becomes unresponsive to any user input (clicking, scrolling, typing, etc.)


I’d leave a message in the Bugs section. It is very good that you have pinpointed the problem and have found a way to consistently reproduce it!
The bug seems to be similar to the one mentioned by this player in this topic: Cancelling a quick message disables all input

hey I have just tried this and seems to be working for me with alt-T.

to clarify I start single player game, hit ALT+T, press ESC and then ALT+T 2nd time right?

unless its fixed along with the update earlier but they didnt release any changelog on what that small update was

It still was happening after the update today. I can get it to happen by hitting alt-T, typing something, then hitting alt+T again. Happens everytime. I am doing it in multiplayer, but it happens with AI.

I have the same issue! And I seem to have it on single player too. I have never encountered this issue before the India DLC. On single player, I receive the Game Paused message. On multiplayer, I do not see any message. In either case, the only thing that works afterwards is Alt-F4.
I should mention here that my shortcut for chats is the spacebar button.

@FoggyDrop491716 @ZugzwangPawn do u guys use any UI mod? im starting to wonder if those are causing issue with the new game update. it seems default with no UI mod works fine. at least for me and few of players I play with.

No UI mods. The developers confirmed the bug, so hopefully there will be a patch soon.

I had to turn off my chat hotkey as I was forgetting and having it happen every game.

What is UI mod?
Glad to know the developers have acknowledged it.