4 Campaigns in age 4- asymmetric campaigns?

The steam page of age 4 tells us we will have 4 campaigns.
We now know nearly all civs.
So the question is, which campaigns will we see? There is 8-9 missions each (different topic) but what will we see, how will they play?

I am asking because

the preview clearly mentioned 1 campaign, the english one, the norman conquest and the line of british kings.
However the E 3 trailer displayed the french and joann d arc, which sugegst you wil lplay as french in a campaign aswell. But how would the other 6 civs fit in 2 campaigns then?

This leads me to believe its possible age 4 will have campaigns where you play both sides. The english conquest will also include the 100 Year war, which will be played as franks.
then there would be 3 campaigns left for the other 6 civs.

Now that would fit well, but what would we see for others?

according to steam page, delhi is the civ fighting against mogol invasions. Since we paly english and french in their campaign(according to my theory) we would play mongols and indians here.

Which would be interesting as first we fight for power with a nation (mongols/english) and then repel them with the other civ (french/Delhi).

this concept is very intruiging to me, I would love that.
However I am not sure if it fits well with the whole “building YOUR empire” idea.
Choosing sides would be impossible I think, as the english campaigns begins without french.

Other campaign ideas in the comments

2 campaigns left. which nations are left though?

Chinese is confirmed. according to some in the forum, the person behind the khan was a rus leader, so I assume rus are also confirmed at this point.
In the gameplay we saw “Arabic” civ aswell, only 1 missing.

So who would the chinese fight? was there a fight between them and arabic/rus? any other civ idea that would fit my theory?

Rus… I think they went large and then failed their invasion of HRE, is that oorrect? or the other way around? would seem fitting for me that these 2 would be a campaign then aswell, and HRE be in the game.
But I am open to suggestions.

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Mongol could have multiple civs in their campaign. Delhi Sultanate repelled attacks from the Chagatai Khanate; Chinese would fit to tell the Yuan dynasty started with Kublai Khan; (Kievan) Rus’ fell to the Mongols in 1240; the “Arabic” - probably the Abbasid Caliphate - suffered the destruction of Baghdad.


they really DID come around quite a bit it seems :smiley:

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Russia s vs HRE. That battle on ice would be cool.

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The winter campaign against Rus’ is something I really would love to play since I read that in Conn Iggulden’s The Conqueror series

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read the steam description there will be Genghis khan

which basically confirms a mongol campaign. WHich would fit my theory, although the opponent doesnt seem to be set in stone. First you unify the mongols, then raid successfully, then you encounter a civ that stops you - and then civs are change and you start a new empire which begins with unification against the mongol raids, successfully averting them and then maybe even growing more :slight_smile:

  1. William I the Conqueror (confm)
  2. Joan of Arc (confm)
  3. Genghis Khan (confm)
  4. ?: (not conf)
    4.1) guess 1 - if the game has HRE - Barbarossa campaign
    4.2) guess 2 - new main poster of game, russian tsar or knyaz’ (right side) - we can get a campaign for Rus (some russian fans claim that this is Ivan the Terrible)

I really dont like the prospect of 8 civs with 4 campaigns if not each civ has at least part of their own campaign though. It just doesnt feel right to have 4 campaigns and not including some of the 8 civs tehre (which would eb needed as 2 simply focus on english/French…

None of the AOE games have had campaigns for everyone of their civs, unfortunately.

On the bright side, it looks like every civ will have a role in the campaigns as either playable civs or enemies. They are taking a broader view of history this time around so I have no doubt the Mongols campaign will include fighting the Chinese, the Abbasid Caliphate, the Rus and the Delhi Sultanate.

didnt age 2 launch with 6 campaigns+william and exactly these civs?

well then I will only be sad because we already have 2/4 european campaigns and probably wont see another one which may tell another unknown european story :smiley:
still like my idea though, and RIGHT NOW
on the age of empires 4 campaigns info page the 2 campaigns look strangely connected. I can still hope :smiley: (although it never was a realistic assumption, but it seemed fitting)

No, it was 4 campaigns (6 scenarios each) + 1 tutorial (8 missions) = 32 missions.
3 european (Joan of Arc, Barbarossa, Wallace), 1 Eastern (Saladin) and 1 Asian (Gengis Khan)
Now it is 35 missions + unknown number of tutorial missions = +35 missions.
2 european (the Normans, the 100 years war) + 2 unknown + tutorial (maybe the tutorial isn’t as a single civ).


tbh I do still see the tutorial of age 2 as a campaign, albeit its missions are a lot less complicated - which imo is pretty good for a tutorial :smiley:

Sorry. I never played 2 at launch and was talking of my memory with the 6 campaigns from the DE Version. (So I was only off 1 campaign, since as I said I personally count william as campaign)…

But was there a civ at launch which didnt take (promindent) part in a campaign then? Thats more what I meant, should have said it more precise.
Now that I write it, of course, you are right. The brits were also a civ from the beginning and didnt have their own campaign.
Then I guess I am just surprised at 2/4 being english and Frencch, which basically interfere with each other a lot, and THAT is something I didnt have in the previous afe game (age 2).

I dont count age 3, the campaign there was kinda a joke to me compared to age 2s :smiley:

There was battle of talaas river between the abbasid caliphate and Tang Dynasty. its the only battle between abbasids and chineese though as far is i know but its outcomes was massive for the abbasid caliphate so i believe its an important battle to add into the game


I’d love to see that as a historical battle .