4 Lakes (Cross) map (TC spawn) generation

To start of, I like the map generation of 4 Lakes if it is like the one depicted in the map preview picture.
There is a lot of decision making to do. What pond do I go to first? Do I focus on getting up fast (Scouts) or do I focus on booming (boats and walls). Do I only try to wall tight around my base or do I try to wall pond to pond etc…

But once in a while the map generation is different for some reason and the players spawn really close to a pond. Those spawns are really annoying and sometimes unfair. Sometimes one player can wall extremely easily and sometimes one player is extremely open if they spawn like this. Players always go for the pond next to them first which makes scouting much less important since you know what pond they went for… It also really limits the strategies you can go for.

I think there should be a script that prevents TCs to spawn too far away from the midpoint between two lakes.
I also think it would be great if the opponent always (and not just usually) spawns on the opposite side of the map.
Yes, that would make finding their TC easier but finding the enemy on 4 Lakes is always pretty easy anyways. It is more important to scout is what pond they go on, if they go on more then one and how they wall…

What do you think?
Do you like the current map generation as it is?

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